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Essential Wellness Routines: Secrets of Forever-Fit Women

Embracing the habits of fit women can transform your health and fitness journey. Throughout the year, regardless of the season, women who epitomize fitness exude a radiance of health, happiness, and vitality. But what’s their secret? Is it a meticulously crafted morning routine, a disciplined workout schedule, or a combination of daily practices that keeps them thriving? This exploration into the everyday habits of women who consistently maintain their fitness unveils the routines that keep them energized and in top shape. Dive in as we decode the habits that make fit women an inspiration for a lively and healthy lifestyle.

Get the fitness motivation you need to reach your fitness goals…Learn how fit women stay that way no matter the season or the circumstances. Use these health and fitness tips to start your fitness transformation journey and become the fitness inspiration for others!


It is not January anymore, but I’m one of those people who gets started with their New Year’s resolutions a little bit later! The gym is full of people on Jan 2nd and I’ll be nowhere near that gym. I’ve already caught the flu there years ago, exactly in January, so no thanks.

Instead, I like the step by step approach. I like to build consistency. I’m so over that get-it-over-with attitude that got me into trying the keto diet last year, so I can whine about it in this blog post. Another lesson learned.

Now I’m older, more tired, but also wiser. And I know better. I invest my time and energy into building and maintaining habits that support my life and make it easier and more exciting on a daily basis. One of the things I wanted to do this year is to take better care of my health. As you might know, I have a toddler at home and keeping up with him and lifting him 426 times a day definitely requires me to be in better shape.

So I thought…I need better habits in my life, habits that will make me fitter. Well, I decided I wanted to look into the lives of women who already did have what I wanted – a strong physical body that can lift a 30-pound toddler and was feminine as well. I wanted to know: What do women who are always fit do every day? What do they eat? How much do they train? Do they rest at all?

Unlike many years ago, when you could only learn these things from the fit people you personally knew or from magazines that shared 100% verified celebrity diets and workout plans – you can now go on Youtube or Instagram and simply observe. There are many women sharing what they eat, what they do and how they work out.

These are my observations and some lessons we can all learn from women who stay fit no matter what time of the year it is.

5 habits of women who always stay fit! Reach your health and fitness goals by adding these healthy daily habits of women who always stay healthy, no matter the season to your daily routine! There’s more to living a healthy lifestyle than keeping a healthy diet and sticking to a workout routine. You can include these habits and tips in your morning routine, evening routine, but it’s best to practice them throughout the day. #health #fitness


1. Joy in Exercise: A Key Fit Women Habit

This is the number one thing I noticed about those women. They all worked out 4-5 times a week and all did different types of exercise – some weight lifting and others ballet, it did not matter.

However, they all worked out because they liked it. And you can see it in their attitude.

They look forward to working out and it makes them feel good. I also observed they all switch up their workouts and listen to their bodies. They rest when they need rest and seek variety.

If you’re unmotivated to exercise and think of it of something you “have to do”, rather than something you want to do for yourself – experiment! Try different classes and see what you enjoy! Then make a workout schedule for yourself and switch things up once you get bored. No workout plan is going to work forever – you always need to adjust and listen to you.

2. Joy in Exercise: A Key Fit Women Habit

Women who always stay fit don’t make a big deal of walking 10,000 steps every day… They simply do this, because it’s the natural thing for them to do. Not because they need to stay lean.

So if you’re struggling with getting or staying fit – add more non-exercise movement to your life. Maybe walking your dog, gardening or cleaning your home – whatever comes naturally, don’t put it off or “batch it” for the end of the week – just do it today. A little bit every day goes a long way.

3. Kitchen Creativity: A Delicious Fit Women Habit

Another thing I noticed was that all these girls actually spent quite a bit of time preparing their meals. And they liked spending that time and coming up with new recipes and yes, eating them too!

Cooking for me is also something I enjoy and I must say I enjoy my healthy recipes just as much as my pasta recipes. If not even more.

So spend some time every day preparing your meals and cooking. It doesn’t need to take hours…you can prepare everything you eat in 30 minutes and have leftovers the next day.

Once you learn how to combine things and which flavors go well together you’ll love the process so much more and you’ll actually want to do it. It’s like meditation.

And make it enjoyable – listen to music, to a podcast, audiobook or watch your favorite Youtube videos!

4. Restful Recovery: A Crucial Element of Fit Women Habits

That’s right! Rest and recovery are extremely important when you’re trying to get stronger and build muscle. So I was pleasantly surprised these women actually had quite a few rest days planned in their workout routine.

Some even worked out “only” 3 times a week. Which, let’s be honest isn’t a small amount, but if you’re like me 4 years ago your mentality would be: “If I can’t go to the gym 5-6 days a week, it’s not worth it”. And they prove: it is!

You can go to the gym even once or twice a week, or train at home – and it will make a difference. You have to start somewhere, you need to listen to your body and rest when you need to!

5. Lifelong Interests: How Fit Women Keep Life Exciting

The last thing I noticed fit women do was that they do interesting things on a daily or weekly basis! (sidenote: I read that now and “fit women” sounds so cringy, but what else can you call these admirable creatures – unicorns?)

These women don’t just sit around getting bored – they keep their life exciting and interesting by trying out new things and having hobbies outside the gym.

I think this habit is so underrated! When you actually go out and do stuff, when you intentionally make your life more exciting on a daily or weekly basis you stop obsessing about things that you don’t have right now…Like a perfect body or abs. Like a perfect diet…You just do your best every day, because it makes you feel good and because you want that energy to do all of those exciting and fun things.

So make sure to plan something fun this week and really do it! Something you’ve wanted to do for a while but never found the courage for and have been putting off for a while.


And that’s all! Now let’s recap…women who always stay fit:

  1. go to the gym regularly because they enjoy their workouts, they switch them up so they don’t get bored
  2. stay active outside the gym
  3. genuinely enjoy cooking and experimenting in the kitchen
  4. take rests when they need them
  5. make life exciting and fun

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration and motivation from it!


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