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Some Simple And Inexpensive Ideas That Make Your Home Organization

When you live in any size home, you have a need to have a home organization. Household organizing ideas can be super easy once you make them a habit. If you have stacks of papers that belong nowhere, crazy and chaotic mornings, or lost backpacks and car keys, check out these easy & inexpensive home organization ideas!

1. Ideas For Home Organization

  • Layout everything in the last night or the next morning

This one is pretty self-explanatory… To have the most organized household, and to avoid morning chaos, lay out everything you are going to need in the morning, the night before. Then, (and here is the hard part) teach your kids to do the same.

home organization ideas

  • Put the important things in a center area

Have a central area to organize purses, keys and your wallet. Always put it there. Always. Want something that also looks good? Full plans and instructions for this home organization idea, and it so charming! Would love to leave my keys and purse here every day!

home organization

  • Planing the daily to-do list

Write up a daily to-do list for the next morning on your smartphone and put priority items first. Move items from today that didn’t get done into tomorrow’s list. Update your calendar.

household organization ideas

2. Bathroom Organization Ideas

  • Keep your bathroom items organized

Keep your bathroom paraphernalia out of sight when not in use. Buy a plastic carry-all with a handle on top, or a pretty basket. Put all of your make-up, deodorant, hair spray, razors, etc. into the container and place it under the counter. Bring it out when you need it, then always put it right back underneath. You can make a DIY shower caddy to keep your bathroom organized.

home organization bathroom ideas

  • Squeegee your shower doors after every single shower

Keeping the squeegee right in the shower makes that easier. Add a little suction cup hook if you need. If you have a shower curtain, use a daily shower spray to keep clean up from being impossible when you finally get around to a whole bathroom cleaning.

home organization bathroom3

  • Use wall hooks

You need to use wall hooks for hanging towels, robes and clothing. Behind the door is a great way to use wasted space.

Closet Organization Ideas

  • Sorting clothes

Place color separating baskets in your closet for laundry, and one for dry cleaning. This will save you time sorting clothes, and you will always know when you have enough colors for a full load.
You can stitch this up from the cheap, or leftover fabric, making it a truly inexpensive home organization idea for families!

home organization closet

  • Put your clothes in categories that work for you

This will save you time putting together outfits, and save you money from re-purchasing items you didn’t remember you had, as they were buried in the closet… somewhere. Inevitably, you know they will re-appear right after the return window on your new item has expired.

home organization

  • Use hooks and shoe rack

Rotate out-of-season shoes just the way you rotate out-of-season clothes. Use hooks and pegboard on any closet wall space to hang purses, jackets, and accessories.

home organization closet3

3. Organizing Your Kitchen

  • Organize your kitchen cabinets into categories

Make sure your cups are near the fridge so you can easily pour that afternoon juice, and your utensil drawer is near the dishwasher so you don’t have to make ten trips across the kitchen. Pots and pans? Near the stove. Kids plates? On a lower shelf so they can get to them without calling you from the first bath you have had in a month. Getting it? Also, keep your drawers organized including the misc / junk drawer that we all have. There are all kinds of household items that can be repurposed to help keep everything contained and organized.

kitchen organization

  • Keep your fridge clean

Only keep things on the counter you use often. Every time you go to the grocery store, make sure to clean out the old food and toss it. Rotate older food into the front so it is used up first.

home organization kitchen2

Make sure your home runs as smoothly as it can, and that you can take the time to enjoy it, instead of always dealing with clutter and chaos. Did you love these cheap ideas to organize your home? Let’s share with us!

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