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15 Essential Kitchen Tools That You Can’t Live Without Them

There are plenty of essential kitchen supplies that you may already have in your cupboards and drawers. Also, there is a wide range of other kitchen gadgets that you may not realize you need. Here are some kitchen items you’ll never understand how you managed to live without.

1. Knife

essential kitchen tools knife

A good knife is the best friend of every cook. Choose a knife that you feel comfortable handling. It should feel balanced in your hand, easy to hold and control, not too heavy, but definitely not flimsy.
Choose a knife that you feel comfortable handling. It should feel balanced in your hand, easy to hold and control, not too heavy, but definitely not flimsy.

2. Metal Spatula

metal-spatula kitchen tool

A sturdy metal (or high-quality plastic) spatula is vital for flipping, tossing, and serving all kinds of foods. Think eggs over easy, puffy pancakes, roasted veggies, sauteed meats, baked salmon…

3. Silicone Spatula

kitchen tools silicone spatula

A silicone spatula is crucial for scraping out the food processor or the sides of the mixing bowl, swirling frosting onto a cake, or folding egg whites into the cake batter.

4. Whisk

kitchen tools silicone whisk

Sturdy metal whisks come in all shapes and sizes. Choose a mid-sized whisk with a handle that fits comfortably in your hand. Use it to mix dry ingredients together before baking, stir eggs for a frittata or emulsify a vinaigrette.

5. Slotted Spoon

silicone whisk

Whether it’s wooden or metal, a perforated (or slotted) spoon acts like a miniature strainer, removing solids from liquids—think pulling potatoes or small pasta noodles from boiling water.

6. Kitchen Shears


Super basic, super useful. Every day, you’ll reach for shears to open up the packaging, snip away herb stems, or trim fat from meats.

7. Tongs


For a few bucks, you can buy a cheap pair of metal tongs that’ll last you a lifetime. I’m always finding new uses for mine, from turning chicken breasts in the pan to reaching into the oven to check on my roast.

8. Cast-Iron Skillet

cast iron skillet

Made with thick, heavy bottoms and sides, cast iron pans can evenly heat to high temperatures and retain heat for a long time. They give a beautiful sear to a steak or scallops.

9. Nonstick Skillet

nonstick skillet

Easy to clean, lightweight nonstick pans are ideal for scrambling eggs or wilting greens. Look for ceramic coating, as some nonstick pans are made with PFOAs, chemicals that may be harmful to your health and the environment.

10. Saucepans


A large saucepan is essential for making pasta, boiling potatoes or corn, and simmering big batches of soups and broths. Look for a 5- or 6-quart size. A smaller saucepan (1.5 or 2.5 quarts) comes in handy for smaller items, like boiled eggs, rice, and oatmeal.

11. Colander


Wash fruits and drain pasta, veggies, and other boiled foods. I like a colander that can balance on the edges of my sink, but a classic-footed colander is just fine. Look for metal or ceramic, which are sturdier than plastic.

12. Prep Bowls

Prep Bowls

This might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s important to have a variety of mixing bowls. Get ones that are metal or glass because they’re less porous than plastic. They won’t pick up stains or odors.

13. Cutting Board

cutting board

A sturdy, stable surface is essential when it comes to prepping your food. A wooden cutting board will help protect your knife from dulling quickly, as well as make cleanup a breeze.

14. Sink rack roll

sink rack roll

This is where over-the-sink dish racks come in. These utilities will help you save space on your countertop and will also allow you to drain the water from utensils after washing them.

15. Cutlery cleaner

cutlery cleaner

Thanks to a cutlery cleaner, your dishwashing will take much less time.

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