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7 Ways To Reduce Plastic In Your Kitchen For A better Life

Start by reducing plastic in your kitchen. It might be easier than you think. Try one or two of these kitchen plastic alternatives.

1. The Best Way to Replace Plastic Wrap & Baggies

Finding a replacement for plastic wrap and plastic baggies may seem impossible. But, there really is a way to replace this type of plastic in your kitchen. You’ve probably tried covering a bowl by putting a plate on top or maybe you’ve placed a melon face down on a dish to try to keep it fresh.

2. Ditch Plastic Storage Containers – Glass is Best

Throw those plastic containers in the recycling bin and opt for glass storage containers. You’ll wonder why you ever used plastic.

Glass containers are easier to clean (say goodbye to residue and scratches) and it’s easier to see what’s inside (no more surprises). Storing food in glass and not plastic is much healthier for you and the environment.

Plus, if you microwave food, it’s always safer to microwave in a glass covered with a towel than to use plastic. When you heat plastic, it can cause toxins to leach into your food.

3. Opt for Stainless or Glass Water Bottles Rather than Plastic

Those plastic water bottles sure seemed convenient and smart when you bought them. Now, not so much. You’ve got great options to replace the plastic by either using glass or stainless bottles.

4. Plastic Cups, Plates & Plastic Ware – You’ve Got Good Alternatives

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You can buy inexpensive plates, glasses, and silverware that can be used for years. After a few uses, your glass and silverware will have paid for themselves.

Not only is this cost-effective, but it also keeps plastic out of the landfill, reduces pollution from plastic production and your guests will appreciate having “real” plates and glasses.

5. Banish Plastic Cooking Utensils

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What to use instead of plastic?

Wood spoons and spatulas work great and you won’t have to worry about plastic toxins leaching into your food. Stainless whisks, ladles, serving spoons, and spatulas are perfect and clean up easily. Plus, neither wood nor metal will melt if it gets too hot.

Toss your plastic cooking utensils into the recycling bin for better health

6. Opt for Wood or Glass Cutting Boards, Not Plastic

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Woodcutting boards are great options to replace plastic. Think about how gnarly your plastic cutting boards look after a few months of slicing and dicing.

What you may not know is when plastic gets scored, it can release toxins into your food.

Wood holds up much better and is healthier. You can easily sanitize your wood boards by rubbing the surface with a lemon slice. You may also like to use glass cutting boards because you can pop them in the dishwasher

7. What to do about Plastic Grocery Store Produce Bags – You’ve Got Options

Every trip to the grocery store ends up using a plastic produce bag for each item. It’s easy to pick up 5-10 at each visit–that’s a lot of plastic waste over time. You may have tried not using the bags, but having produce grouped in a bag just makes things easier.

So, what are your options?

Try these reusable produce bags that will change your life. You can see through the bags, so there’s no mystery about the contents. And, they have a convenient drawstring. The fabric is machine washable and durable. Plus, the fabric has been tested to make sure that it is free of harmful chemicals (no lead, heavy metals, BPA, or phthalates).

You can store your products in these bags, and they store easily in your larger reusable grocery bags.

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