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Top Tips for a Bathroom That Cleans Itself

By Jennifer Noonan

No one wants to spend Sunday afternoon scrubbing the tub or toilet—but everyone still wants a clean bathroom. Don’t worry! Dealing with a dirty bathroom doesn’t have to take hours. Try these 9 tips to keep your bathroom looking fresh for longer, with way less work.

Squeegee the Shower

Take a squeegee to shower doors after you’ve turned off the water. Removing that moisture right away will discourage the growth of mildew and keep the glass free of spots.

Shelve Your Soap

A wall-mounted soap pump or dish doesn’t just free up sink and shower space, it keeps the gooey mess that collects around bottles and bar soap to a minimum, leaving you with one less thing that needs your attention on cleaning day.

Rinse the Tub

Always take 10 seconds to rinse the tub after a bath to wash any residue down the drain. You’ll prevent that soap from drying, hardening, and turning into soap scum, which can be a big hassle to scour away later on.

Dry Out the Sink

Water is a powerful enemy when it comes to keeping a bathroom spick-and-span. Take a moment to wipe the sink dry after you brush your teeth or wash your hands. This simple step will help keep moisture-loving mildew and mold at bay.

Dry Out the Sink

Ban Bar Soap

Even with a dish or tray, bar soap always leaves a gunky mess behind. The fix? Just swap out the bar for liquid soap and body wash, and you’ll stop the scummy buildup before it starts.

Get Rid of Grout

If a bathroom remodel is in your future, think about going groutless. Choose seamless materials, such as galvanized tin or sealed plaster, for your shower surround. This simple switch will start paying off right away by cutting down on cleaning time. The best part? You’ll never have to face grubby grout again.

Tabs in the Toilet

Keep your commode sparkling without getting your hands dirty by dropping a cleaning tablet into the tank a few times a week. Because the bowl stays cleaner for longer, you won’t have to break out the toilet brush as often.

Spray Your Shower

The Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner hangs from the shower head and spritzes a 360-degree dose of cleaner at the touch of a button. Give it a tap at the end of every shower, and you may be able to avoid any real cleaning for a month.




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