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Things You Should Never Clean with Dish Soap

You shouldn’t try to use dish soap on anything other than dishes, because you might damage them more than clean them.

The Moka pot

Dish soap can leave some residue inside the Moka pot after washing, and it could be quite challenging to remove everything after one rinse. You would need to thoroughly wash it several times and it would also ruin the finish of your pot. Besides, you might have a soapy taste in your next pot of coffee.

Over time, all the scrubbing will also remove the coffee’s essential oils from the pot, which actually make the drink taste better, but also protect the surface from corrosion.

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The dishwasher

Dish soap is extremely sudsy and, if you put it in the dishwasher, you could damage the machine. Plus, you could have another big problem: too many bubbles coming out. The special detergent for the dishwasher has a specially designed formula that rinses the dishes perfectly and it is way less sudsy.

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Your car

Although many say that dish liquid is an alternative for a car washing soap, you should not use it at all. And there are several reasons: the hard chemicals from the dish soap can damage the paint from your car and it can also strip away any protective wax you might have on it. Once it dries, the liquid can also leave a residue on your automobile because it is difficult to rinse.

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Windows and mirrors

Dish soap will most definitely remove the dirt from your windows or mirrors like it does on your glasses. But it will be very hard to remove the streaks it leaves behind on them after you try to wash it off. So if you want perfectly shiny windows and mirrors, just use your classic glass cleaner.

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Your cast iron skillet

Dish soap will remove the oil seasoned layer from the surface. And every cooking expert knows that’s what helps to heat food evenly and it also adds to the taste. If you do it though, try to do it more rarely and use this alternative cleaning method: put salt in the still-warm skillet and rub it with a paper towel. Afterward, you can add a bit of oil, if you wish.

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Hardwood floors

Using dish soap on your hardwood floors will only leave them scratched and dingy. Instead, if you want to have perfect and shiny hardwood floors, vacuum or sweep them first to remove any dirt or grit that could leave marks. Afterward, use a wet mop and wipe all the surfaces.

It is recommended to use cleaning products specifically made for wood floors. On the other hand, dish soap may be very effective on other types of flooring, like tile, linoleum, or vinyl.

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Leather is quite a delicate product and the chemicals from the dish soap might destroy it. Just like your skin, leather items need also a moisturizing cream to keep the material soft. You can use the dish soap on your leather shoes, but try to avoid it on fine leather clothing.

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Your plants

Dish soap will never replace insecticidal soap for 2 very good reasons: it is too harsh for the plants and it will not do a good job to ward off pests either. Although there are a lot of DIY recipes on the internet stating how to take care of your plants, you should still use a true insecticidal liquid, which is easy on the plants themselves, but deadly to insects.

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Your fruit or vegetables

As tempting as it may look, do not try to clean your fruits and vegetables with dish soap. They have pores and the dish soap might get trapped inside — besides it was not meant for that. You might also experience gastrointestinal issues or nausea, if you end up consuming it somehow.

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The washing machine

Just like with the dishwasher, you will have a suds party if you put dish soap in the washing machine. It will not be able to handle and it will burst. More foam does not mean cleaner clothes though, the formula is not heavy-duty enough to clean them anyway.

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