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Practical Solutions To Solve Your Everyday Cleaning Problems

There are plenty of different ways to solve your cleaning problems. Here are some out-of-the-box cleaning tips and tricks that you will really be glad to know.

1. Windex For Cleaning Carpet Stains

It is always nice to find out that a particular household cleaner can be used for another purpose that it was not made for.

cleaning solution 1

Did you know that Windex window cleaner can be used for cleaning carpets and getting rid of stains? Next time you run into some carpet struggles, try using some Windex to help you out.

cleaning solution 2

2. Homemade Fabric Softener

cleaning solution 3

Would you not be grateful if you found out you can make your own fabric softener? Maybe you want to cut back on expenses, or maybe you just like making things for yourself.

cleaning solution 4

A mixture of hair conditioner, vinegar, and some water can be used to make fabric softener. Your laundry will still smell amazing and come out soft and nice.

3. Rubber Band On Hand Soap Bottle

cleaning solution 5

It is always a very good practice to have some liquid handsoap in certain areas of your house, like the face basin. But sometimes it can make a mess when too much keeps coming out.

cleaning solution 6

Put a rubber band under the nozzle of the spray top to prevent too much soap from coming out when it is squeezed.

4. Toothpaste For Getting Rid Of Bad Odors

cleaning solution 7

Did you store garlic or some potent herb in your jars, and now cannot get rid of the odor? A little toothpaste can do the trick.

cleaning solution 8

Lather the jars on the inside with some toothpaste. Add some dish soap and wash properly. Rinse as usual, and your jars should be fresh once more.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide Clean Mold

cleaning solution 9

The shower and tub in a bathtub can be easily taken over by mold if you are not careful. But all that scrubbing and cleaning can be so hard.

cleaning solution 10

An easy way to clean mold from the crevice in your bathtub that connects with the wall is to soak some cotton balls with hydrogen peroxide and line the area. Let it soak for some hours, and the mold should be gone.

6. Homemade Dryer Sheets

cleaning solution 11

Dryer sheets are one part of the laundry process that you do not want to skip. They make clothes come out soft and prevent them from gathering lint.

cleaning solution 12

Make your own homemade reusable dryer sheets by soaking sponges in some fabric softener, essential oils, water, and some vinegar. Store them in a covered container, and put one in the dryer for each load of clothes.

7. Orange And Baking Soda Clean Faucet

cleaning solution 13

Citrus fruits make good household cleaners. They sanitize, cleanse and can help to make things shiny.

cleaning solution 14

Cut an orange in the middle and add some baking soda. Use to scour your faucets to make them shiny and spotless.

8. Shine Stainless Steel Sink With Wood Ash

cleaning solution 15

There are so many things you can do with wood ash around your home and garden. But did you know that it can help with cleaning?

cleaning solution 16

Make your stainless steel sink shine and spotless by buffing it with some wood ash. I tried this some days ago, and my sink has never looked better.

9. Clean Wood Cutting Board With Salt And Olive Oil

cleaning solution 17

Have you ever wondered why your wood cutting board looks dried out? Maybe you are using too much soap or harsh cleaning agents on it.

cleaning solution 18

Try using salt to sanitize your cutting board. Citrus fruits are a good option too. After sanitizing, remember to coat with some oil to keep the wood moisturized.

10. Use Cucumber To Shine Faucet

cleaning solution 19

I would have never imagined that a cucumber had more uses than for eating and beauty purposes. I recently learned that is good for getting things clean around your home too.

cleaning solution 20

It really does a good job at making a faucet shiny and nice. Just use a cut cucumber to scrub your faucet, and then wash away all the seeds.

11. Use A Dinner Fork To Clean A Hairbrush

cleaning solution 21

A quick fix for your dirty hairbrush when you do not have time to wash it and get it all dry and nice before you are ready to use it is to use a dinner fork to clean it. This will get out hair and some dirt that is stuck in your brush, and you’ll be able to use it without having to wash it just yet. Keep a dinner fork among your cleaning supplies to help with dirty jobs like these.

12. DIY Scented Pine Cleaner

cleaning solution 22

Pine cleaners are normally price when sold commercially. Make your own and avoid having to pay for something you make for yourself quite easily.

cleaning solution 23

Combine pine essential oil, warm water, pine tree sprigs, and some Castille soap in a spray bottle. You can use this to clean counters and for bathroom cleaning as well.

13. Polish Sink With Flour

cleaning solution 24

Go the extra mile to polish your stainless steel sink and make it look sparkly. After washing and sanitizing properly, buff your sink with some oil and flour to make it as shiny as when you just installed it.

14. Clothes Brush For Washing Dinner Fork

cleaning solution 25

There are some things in the kitchen that are kind of technical to wash. A dinner fork is one such thing. Here is a quick solution. Use a clothes brush to wash your dinner forks.

cleaning solution 26

The clothes brush will get into the crevices with much ease. Just keep a clean clothes brush in your kitchen for kitchen purposes only. I’m sure you’ll find more uses for it.

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