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Life Hacks That Crazy but Are Actually Handy

There are people who can quickly and wittyly solve any household problem. These people can thread a needle, slice tomatoes in a flash, and turn a ready-made pie into a delicious dessert.

If you’re having trouble threading a needle, use a toothbrush.

Put the thread on the bristles, and place the eye of the needle on the thread. Then press lightly on the needle. The bristles will push the thread into the eye, you can just pick up the resulting loop and drag the thread. If you can’t pick up the thread with your fingers, you can help yourself with another needle or toothpick.


An ingenious way to entertain your kids

Once my son came into the kitchen, opened a package of kitchen sponges, and played with them for a long time. And I had an idea. First, they are a universal construction toy. Thanks to a sponge’s rough surface, you can build anything with them. Second, you can imitate the washing of anything (we wash toy cars, our closets, and the floor) without damaging it. Third, they are really cheap. Fourth, they’re noiseless! And it’s also painless to step on them, and you can remove them when everyone’s asleep. Long story short, I’m surprised I didn’t have this idea earlier.

A tip from a traveler. This is how you can keep the hotel curtains closed without letting any light in.


How to easily clasp a bracelet by yourself

An easy and quick way to clasp a bracelet is to use a hairpin. Pass the pin through the link of the clasp and hold it in your hand. This way you can hold the free end of the bracelet, which usually dangles and falls off the wrist, and fasten it without any problems.


If your dishwasher has finished its cycle but your dishes are still wet, use a towel.

Hang a towel on the dishwasher’s door, and shut it for 10 minutes. The fabric will absorb all the moisture.

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How to cut cherry tomatoes quickly

Cherry tomatoes are small and difficult to cut. To make this process easier, place the tomatoes under a container lid and press it down with your hand. Take a knife with your other hand, hold it parallel to the lid of the container, and cut the tomatoes.


How to remove mold from silicone sealant

Guys, if the silicon in your bathroom has gotten darker because of mold, don’t replace it. You can take a syringe and bleach, pierce the epicenters of mold on the silicon and inject a bit of bleach. You can also apply bleach to the surface and leave it there for a while. Eventually, the mold spots will disappear.

How to prevent the sock from tearing

Buy 2 pairs of the cheapest and thinnest socks, and put 2 of them on each foot. They will be thick enough to warm you and absorb sweat, but the main thing is that they won’t tear because they will rub against each other and not against your shoes. I haven’t bought new socks for 3 years!

“There is a capsule wardrobe. I made up capsule breakfasts. My breakfast hasn’t been the same in a month.”


You can fix a stretched-out invisible with the help of a hairdryer.

Switch the hairdryer to the hottest mode and “dry” the invisible. It will go back to its initial size within a few seconds, and it won’t melt or lose its elasticity.


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