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Common Things We Didn’t Know We Have Been Using Wrong

You may have been misusing the blue button on your hairdryer, or your travel pillow may not have been particularly pleasant. This is because we don’t always know how to utilize some products correctly, and figuring it out will make life a lot easier for everyone.

To add a new key to your key rings, use a staple remover. Wedge it between the coils and it will be easier to slide your new key on

Travel pillows actually go in front and it’s more comfortable this way

The lines on the Solo plastic cups are to measure a serving size.

The blue button on hairdryers isn’t meant for cooling yourself off when you get hot… it’s for setting your hairstyles

 You have most likely used the wrong plunger for a toilet. The toilet plunger has a cup with a soft flap

The elongated packets should be broken in half above the cup. It’s easier to get the sugar out and you won’t have little pieces of paper flying all around

You can make those rectangular Chinese takeout holders into plates

The shopping carts’ loops are for hanging bags after you pass the checkout. This is to give you more space inside the cart

The hole at the bottom of a padlock is to pour engine oil or any other type of oil in case the lock gets stuck

This is the proper way to store your mac charger and to increase its longevity

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