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Best Tips to Make Your Small Front Porch Feel More Open

One of the best ways to make your small front porch look bigger is to avoid clutter. To do this, choose to have the bare necessities when decorating which typically includes having just a welcome mat, a potted plant, and a wreath or welcome sign on the door. Alternatively, you can use the wall space instead and this will prevent the floor area from looking crowded and in turn creating a bigger, open space.

When you keep things to a minimum amount of decorations and items, it’s easier to create a space that feels bigger and looks better.

If you’d like to learn more about this and pick up on a few cool tricks and ways to make your front porch feel more open, here are some of my best tips for you:

Keeps Things To The Minimum

Before moving on to how you’re supposed to decorate a small front porch to make it look bigger, it’s important to understand that the only way to do this is to keep it simple.

This means it’s best to only use the bare amount of items you can to decorate.

The fewer objects you place on your front porch, there will be noticeable the difference and it can make the space look more cohesive overall.

Here’s how you should go about this:

Pick at least 3 items you really want to display on your front porch.

This could be a welcome mat, a simple wreath on the door or a welcome sign, and a small or large potted plant.

These 3 decor items are all you need to make the area look good but also create the feeling of a bigger space.

Avoid Making The Area Look Cluttered

As mentioned before, when you have fewer items already displayed on your front porch, it leaves room to show the space.

However, when there are already too many items than it needs, your front porch is bound to look cluttered and messy.

Another key point to making the porch look bigger is to try to keep it maintained and cleaned regularly.

This means you should wipe down the windows, repair the walls, and maybe give it a good new paint job.

By doing this, there will be a drastic difference in the way a small front porch will look.

Make Use of Smaller Outdoor Furniture

Another way you could try that will increase space in your front porch would be to scale back on the size of furniture you have. This means you would have to replace the outdoor chairs and table with a much smaller size to make space for other decor items or to just add more space in general.

Big objects like this typically eat away at space and you will find yourself frustrated with bulky chairs and tables in a small front porch.

Try replacing them with less or a smaller sized table and chair and this should help clear up the way and make the porch feel bigger.

You could also use the chairs as an opportunity to add to your decor by placing a few patterned cushions and pillows to accompany them and this will give a nice look to the porch.

Use The Available Wall Space

When there’s barely any floor space to work with, the next best option would be to use the wall space.

There’s a lot you can do with this that wouldn’t require you to place anything on the floor and using the wall space instead, it can definitely make the front porch look bigger.

There are a few great decorations you can use to enhance the area and this would be to mount a lantern either on either side of the door, you could also mount wooden signs or ornaments.

If you want to avoid cluttering the area and making it small with pot plants, you could try hanging smaller pot plants on the wall instead and this will do the trick.

Alternatively, you could simply hang one decoration and this would be these mason jar light fixtures and you wouldn’t need to add anything else on your front porch:

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to decorate and make a small front porch look bigger almost immediately.

Decorate The Front Door Instead

The last option I would recommend if none of the previous ideas worked for you would be to just remove all other items from your front porch and hang a beautiful wreath or welcome sign on the door.

This way, there are no other items that will take up any space and you will definitely be able to create that open space feeling.

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