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8 Eating Habits That Might Not As Healthy As You Thought

According to researches, there are some foods every day that might be less healthy than you thought. Below, we will show you these eating habits to avoid.

1. Drinking Lemon Water

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Because of its acidity, lemon may worsen acid reflux, a common condition that affects 60 million Americans each month. Acidic liquid, such as lemon water, could also be damaging to teeth’ enamel. Dentists recommend using a straw when drinking lemon water and rinsing your mouth after.

2. Using Tea


Most of us know that black coffee can stain your teeth, but tea can also affect the color of your enamel. Because tea contains more tannin than coffee, it is even more likely to cause long-lasting discoloration. Drinking a glass of water after a cup of tea can help to reduce staining.

3. Eating Dried fruit


Many people replace candy with dried fruit, but this can actually be quite dangerous to your teeth. Companies often use artificial food coloring to make dried fruit more appealing, and these can stain your teeth. Dried fruit may also decrease the natural saliva secretion of your mouth. Because saliva helps to fight bacteria, it can cause more oral health problems.

4. Low-calorie Foods Diet

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More than 80% of people regain weight once they go off their diets, and scientists believe low-calorie foods are to blame. If you’re regularly getting fewer calories than your body needs, it causes your metabolism to slow down. Because these diets are usually low in protein, it affects your muscle tissue. Instead of restricting calories, medical experts recommend eating enough protein and adding resistance exercises to your workout routine.

5. Green Juice

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Green juice has been a health trend for a long time, but it doesn’t offer as many health benefits as fruits and vegetables. Juices contain very little fiber, which is essential for proper digestion and keeping a healthy weight.

6. Low-carb Foods Diet

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Medical experts urge people to avoid low-carb diets. Cutting back on carbs might help you lose weight fast, but not getting enough carbs in the long term may lead to cardiovascular disease.

7. Coconut Oil

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Although coconut oil does have many unique qualities, it is better to consider it an occasional treat. It tends to raise cholesterol levels and may possibly increase the risk of heart disease.

8. Gluten-free Diet

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A gluten-free diet is essential for people suffering from celiac disease, but switching to it voluntarily may be damaging to your health. Many gluten-free baked foods are high in calories and sugar. There are also lots of healthy foods with gluten that can give your body essential nutrients.

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