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5 Things That You Should Avoid After A Meal

Many of us live with some habits that unknowingly affect our health. Such as to get to work on time, In order to get to work on time, we quickly go to shower after breakfast which is harmful to our health.

So here we’ve gathered 5 things that you should not do after a meal. Check out now!

Take a shower

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When we take bath, the temperature of our body is increased slightly, therefore our body sends more blood to the skin to cope with the temperature which disturbs our digestive system, and the rate of metabolism is decreased. So next time you take a meal and intend to go for a shower you should at least wait for 30 minutes.

Source: ncbi

Drink tea

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Some people consider having a hot cup of tea after a meal as an essential part of their meal. This cup of tea in fact interferes with the assimilation of iron, which is a vital mineral needed by our body. It is therefore recommended not to take tea within an hour of eating especially advised for children, pregnant women, and people suffering from a lack of iron.

Though Adults are better off with a cup of coffee.

Source: ncbi, thehealthsite, doctoroz


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We all know the disapproval of the myth that sleeping right after eating causes excess weight directly. Nevertheless, we should not ignore this, because sleeping after eating does any harm to our health that includes heartburn, burping, and high acidity, so don’t sleep on a full stomach again.

The risk of stroke also increase by regular sleep immediately after lunch or dinner.

Experts suggest going to bed no less than 2 hours after eating.

Source: webmd, thehealthsite

Work out


Remember to go for exercise on a full stomach, experts do not advise it. An exercise with a full stomach can lead to discomforts, like hiccups and nausea, and an increased risk of trauma and convulsions.

Expert says to wait at least 2 hours after a meal before you go for exercise, but if you still cannot wait then just go for walk .

Source: cnn/webmd, today


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We know it really difficult to quit smoking completely. But you should know that after a meal you should never smoke for at least 2o minutes. Because during the active digestion process all of the systems in our body are activated. Smoking during this time will let nicotine will be absorbed with a double force, increasing all its harmful effects. It is also proved that tobacco blocks the absorption of vitamins C and D and minerals thus it negates even the most healthy meal you have taken.

Source: ncbi, bbcgoodfood

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