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Stylish Small Bedroom Makeover Ideas For Any Budget

With more people staying home than ever before, your bedroom may be both an office and a sleeping space. Not only is it possible to decorate a small bedroom, but there are actually so many ways to achieve a cozy, stylish space on any budget.

Transform a Bed Into a Playhouse

A lot of parents dream of making a big, luxurious playhouse for their kids in the backyard. But you don’t always have the land or budget available to do that. So if your children are in a small bedroom, why not consider giving them a playhouse bed? This is like killing two birds with one stone, and it is significantly more affordable than an outdoor playhouse. Typically, a playhouse bed will cost a few hundred dollars, versus spending a few thousand dollars on a structure that goes outside. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about what will happen when the kids grow up. It’s a lot easier to pass on furniture that cost $500 versus a backyard playhouse that cost $5,000.

Many of these playhouse beds are also a bunk bed. This makes it easy to fit two kids into a relatively small space. When you have two kids sharing a small bedroom, that alone is a nightmare. But if they can have fun while they’re in there, it won’t matter if it feels cramped. This is also helpful when decorating a small bedroom, because you can base the rest of the decor off of the theme of the bed. For example, if the playhouse bed looks like a car, you could choose a racing theme for the rest of the room. A castle bed could be a princess palace, and so much more.

Find a Small Desk For The Bedroom

Now that more people are working from home, many bedrooms have transformed into a home office. The biggest issue that people are running into is trying to make it work in a tight space. This is one of the many reasons why so many people have decided to move out of small apartments, and buy a house. But not everyone is lucky enough to be able to do that right now.

So obviously, if you’re looking for small bedroom decorating ideas, you’re also keeping in mind that you need a desk to fit that space. Here at Home Addict, we already have a full list of small desks that you can look through. As time goes on, many retailers have begun to offer small desks for a bedroom. Check out places like Staples, Walmart, Ikea, and Target. These all have options in the $50 to $100 range that should work for nearly any situation.

Make a Creative Mural on Your Accent Wall

One of the best small bedroom decorating ideas is to create an accent wall. It’s amazing for you to have a beautiful piece of art to look at when you first walk into a room. A lot of people will just choose a solid paint color for their accent wall. However, it’s a lot of fun when you’re decorating a small bedroom to actually go above and beyond. It doesn’t matter if the room is the size of a closet. If you walk in and see an accent wall like the photo above, the immediate reaction is always going to be “wow!”

If you have some artistic talent, go ahead and paint something on the wall. Most people create a mural that has something to do with the theme they are going after. Obviously, this would take hours and possibly days to complete. If you’re intrigued by that idea, and looking for inspiration, check out the video by a YouTuber called Ten Hundred. He paints a mural on the wall of his basement. But if you’re not that talented at art, there are a lot of stencils out there that you could use instead. There are also plenty of wall decals and stickers available to buy online.

Add Storage Under the Bed

When you have a small bedroom, it’s really difficult to fit everything in the space. Most likely, you might not have room for an extra dresser, or the closet might be very small. It only makes sense to have more storage underneath your bed. Sometimes, all it takes is having some baskets or plastic containers that you can slide in and out of the bed.

If your bed is low to the ground, you may need to put the legs on risers. But if you can afford to buy a new bed, you might want to consider buying something that has built-in storage capacity. There are even beds that lift up to reveal a storage container underneath. Others have drawers that are built into the bed frame.

In a Small Master Bedroom, Lean Into The Styling

When a lot of people find that their new house or apartment has a small bedroom, they tend to lean towards the minimalist side. While there is nothing wrong with minimalism, there are still plenty of small bedroom decorating ideas that you can implement to your master bedroom. Before you get started, find some inspiration on places like Pinterest and decide what style you gravitate towards the most.

Once you have a good idea of your design aesthetic, figure out a way that you can incorporate that into a small room. Remember that you don’t have to have every single item that you see in a photograph in order to get that style. Pay attention to the colors, trim on the walls, artwork, and fabrics that they may use in the room. You might be able to replicate all of this on a budget by finding similar items in your local discount retailers.

Consider Buying a Small Couch for the Bedroom

When most people think about a bedroom with a couch in it, they imagine a luxury hotel. Or, they assume that your room has to be huge in order to fit a couch in it. Admittedly, it’s best if you keep the couches out of your bedroom if you have a tiny space. However, it is possible to find a small couch for a bedroom. Instead of thinking along the lines of a couch that you would find in the living room, think about all of the options that are out there.

I’ve had a few couches in my bedroom over the years. The first was a loveseat, which is only big enough to fit two people. But this really came in handy when people would come into the room to just have a chat. Now, I have a bedroom couch made out of rattan. This fits the bohemian aesthetic that I’m going for, and it’s a lot smaller than a traditional couch. You can also consider a chaise lounge or a bench instead.

Don’t Stick to Just One Wall Color

Most people will paint a room one solid color. While there is nothing wrong with that, a small bedroom tends to get boring when you just stick to one color palette. If at all possible, consider painting one accent wall. The color is entirely up to you. I have seen some people paint the back wall behind their bed black, because it makes the room feel more cozy and helps to dampen the mood at night.

As a rule of thumb, darker colors tend to make a room feel smaller while lighter colors help them feel bigger. So keep that in mind when you are choosing your color palette. However, in the example I just gave about the black accent wall, having just one wall of a darker color didn’t make the room feel too small. But if the entire room was black, it would feel like the walls are closing in on you.

Paint the Ceiling Like the Night Sky

For centuries, people have been painting the sky on their ceiling. In France, it was common for many chapels to paint their ceiling with stars or even have all of the astrological signs of the night sky. Many visitors who saw this would try to replicate the ceiling in their own homes. It also became popular for Paris apartments to be painted like the night sky as well, and it carried over to other parts of the world.

In modern times, people have copied this in the number of ways. You might have been one of the many kids who experienced pacing glow-in-the-dark stars on their ceiling. But you could go one step further by making the ceiling look like a light blue with puffy clouds. Or, you can make it look like the night sky. Obviously, this would take a long time to actually do the paint job, and you would need some sort of artistic ability. It might be easier to place decals on the ceiling instead.

Fairy Lights For a Cozy Ambiance

One of the most common elements that you see in a small bedroom for teenagers and college students is to have fairy lights. This helps to give the room a really cozy ambiance that helps to make the space feel magical. Lights remind us of Christmas time, which is always cozy and comforting. So pretty much everyone loves walking into a dimly lit room to see white lights.

The great thing about fairy lights is that you can buy them at the dollar store. It doesn’t have to be expensive for you to give the room an ambient glow. However, instead of finding the green corded lights at Christmas time, try to find something that blends in with your decor. They also make plenty of lights in different shapes and sizes, so there is always going to be something that would fit your style.


As a rule of thumb, plants always make a room feel more alive. Putting plants in a small space helps bring the magic of nature inside. You can almost feel the spirit of the plant similar to having a pet in your home. And if you want to bring that same feeling into your bedroom, this can be a great way to decorate your small bedroom space.

However, keep in mind that plants need plenty of sunlight. If you live in an apartment where the bedroom doesn’t get much sunlight at all, it’s best for you to keep your plants somewhere they are likely to survive. Fake plants can still give you a lot of style. It’s also a lot more convenient for anyone who travels often, or who doesn’t have a green thumb.

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