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20 Unusual (But Useful!) Uses For Coffee That You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Coffee is very incredible. It not only makes us feel semi-human in the morning, but it also smells great and has some really potent characteristics that may be utilized for a variety of other things!

Whether it’s instant, coffee grounds used, or unbrewed, there are tonnes of uses for coffee to discover in the list below – don’t miss out.

Beauty uses

1. Hair dye

coffee 1
Get those locks looking gorgeous!

Are you a brunette? If so, there’s no need to spend loads in the salon for expensive hair-enhancing treatments. You can use coffee as a hair colour enhancer and it will darken and add shine to your locks!

Make a strongly brewed coffee and pour it through your hair, but be sure to let the coffee cool off first. Keep it under a shower cap and leave it to sink into your hair for 45 minutes before rinsing.

2. Coffee exfoliator

coffee 2

There are many benefits of exfoliating regularly. Removing dead skin cells will not only improve the appearance of your skin but allow it to take in more nutrients from moisturising products too.

To make your own using coffee, add used coffee grounds to warm water or coconut oil and scrub your skin from head to foot. Goodbye dead skin cells!

3. Hair rinse for shedding & residue build-up

Get rid of residue left by hair styling products by massaging used coffee grounds into your hair before you shampoo. You can also help to prevent your hair shedding with a coffee rinse, just apply after you shampoo or condition.

Remember to take care when you’re in the bathroom, you don’t want coffee splashed everywhere – it would be a pain to clean up!

4. Reduce cellulite

Cellulite is completely natural yet many of us want to get rid of it. You may have seen cellulite-reducing products in beauty shops which include caffeine, which is said to be helpful in encouraging it to disappear.

Cleaning with coffee

5. Drain cleaner

coffee 5

Is your drain starting to pong a bit? It’s easy to fix with the help of leftover coffee grounds.

Pour them down the drain and follow up with a kettle full of boiling water to help oust odours. Lovely stuff.

6. Deodorise the fridge

coffee 6
What’s lurking inside yours?

Spillages, mouldy veg and smelly cheese can make your fridge smell surprisingly bad!

Coffee grounds can be used to absorb smells and fill the air with an earthy freshness. Fill up some bowls of used coffee grounds and pop them onto fridge shelves overnight. It’s an easy way to get rid of the stink.

7. Surface scrubber

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals – homemade cleaning products are where it’s at.

Use a cleaning cloth and some old coffee grounds to help clean food from kitchen counters, cooking hobs or dirty dishes. The grounds are mildly abrasive, which means they won’t damage your surfaces – so you can scrub on without fear!

8. DIY air freshener

coffee 8

Do you love, love, LOVE the smell of coffee? Why not use it as an air freshener? All you need is an odd sock, some coffee beans, an elastic band and a spoon.

Household uses

9. Help carrots grow

Got a veggie garden on the go? You’ll be pleased to learn that coffee grounds can help your carrot harvest. Mix dried coffee grounds with your carrot seeds to give them a boost of nutrients and stimulate growth.

10. Grow mushrooms

coffee 10
Can you see any fairies?

Conquered the carrots? Time to give mushrooms a go!

All you need to get started are some coffee grounds – easy, right! Head to Storm The Castle to get clued up on the growing process and you’ll never have to go to the shop again.

11. Wood stain

It’s not just hair that coffee can be used on – if your wooden table or fence needs a pick-me-up, try out using coffee as a natural wood stain.

Whole Green Love has a wonderful guide that wil help you get your wood looking as good as new again!

12. Hand cleaner

coffee 12

After chopping garlic or onions, your hands might be slightly stinky. Don’t worry, those trusty coffee grounds will come to your rescue – give your hands a rub with some grounds to help counteract any smelly odours and leave your hands smelling fresh.

13. Natural ant repellent

coffee 13
Critters be gone!

Got an ant infestation but don’t want to harm them?

If you’ve discovered ants, grab some coffee grounds to keep them at bay by sprinkling around entry points. Whether it’s the size of the grounds or the smell, they’re not big fans, so it’s worth a try.

14. Slug & snail repellent

Speaking of uninvited guests, coffee could also help with slugs and snails that are taking over your vegetable patch. As well as killing plants, slugs can also eat seedlings and even seeds before they’ve had a chance at growing.

Help prevent a potential massacre by putting used coffee grounds at the base of plants to keep them safe.

15. Attract friendly worms

And now some animals we’d like to see more of!

Worms help give your soil and plants nutrients and the tunnels they create when they slither along will help to aerate the soil which will allow roots to grow.

They’re big fans of coffee so adding coffee grounds to your garden flowerbeds will help attract them.

16. Keep unwanted cats away

coffee 16

Now it’s time to tackle those pesky four-pawed friends.

Cats seem to really HATE the smell of coffee so grab a handful to spread throughout the garden, and they’ll soon stay away from your precious plants. Mix your grounds with orange peels to give it that extra cat-repelling effect.

It’ll stop them from leaving smelly presents on your lawn too!

17. In your compost

Give your soil a boost by adding coffee grounds to your compost. They are rich with nitrogen which will help your dear plants convert sunlight into energy. You could even try heading into a local coffee shop to see if they’ll let you take away their used coffee – what a freebie!

This is not only good for your plants, but a great way to save on waste too.

Fun ways to use coffee

18. DIY coffee candle

coffee 19

Why not pimp out your tealights and make your home smell like an Artisan coffee shop?

Fill a bowl with coffee beans and place tea lights on top! The heat of the candle will warm the coffee beans and you can enjoy a lovely aroma throughout the room.

19. Fabric dye

Make yourself a mixture of coffee grounds and water and use it to dye clothing… or Ostrich feathers! Find out how to do it in the video above.

20. Use as Pincushion filler

If you love to sew, you can never have too many pincushions!

Craft yourself a new one with coffee grounds. It’ll make your sewing kit smell amazing, keep hands protected, and they’ll also keep your pins from rusting. Who knew?

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