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20 Kitchen Storage Ideas That Will Free up So Much Space

Kitchens can collect a lot of clutter. Save space (and a little sanity) with these storage and organization ideas.

By Nicole Doster

Hang a Pegboard

Though you can get it for cheap at your local hardware store, pegboard has a life beyond your garage. Paint a sheet white and use it to show off some of your prettiest kitchen tools—including cutting boards, pans and bakeware. (Bonus point: It’ll help free up space in your cabinets.)

Get Smart with Under-the-Sink Storage

The spot underneath your sink is one of the most under-appreciated areas in the kitchen. Take advantage of that treasure trove of unused space by installing this two-tier sliding organizer ($90) to hold cleaning supplies. We love how it screws right into a cabinet base, making it much more stable than similar sliding storage units.

Keep Spices in Drawers

Get the convenience of a spice rack without cluttering your shelves with this tiered spice organizer ($9) that fits into your drawers. Spices lay flat, so you’ll be able to reach for that garlic powder without toppling the rest of your seasonings.


Designate a Space for Lids

I’m going to take a wild guess: You’re frustrated with the way you’re currently storing the lids for your cookware. This roll-out lid holder ($50) is the answer. Vertical dividers prop lids on their sides, freeing up extra space in kitchen cabinets. Plus, the organizer extends forward so you won’t find yourself digging in the back.


Add a Lazy Susan

We’re not sure why she’s dubbed “lazy” because this rotating organizer is one of the hardest workers in our pantry. Give her a twirl and the items once pushed to the back of your cabinet are front and center.


Use a Magnetic Knife Holder

Big bulky knife blocks should be a thing of the past. Not only do they take up valuable counter space, but they can also collect some pretty icky bacteria, too.


Bins, Bins, Bins

Ditch the flimsy packaging and save space with a set of our Test Kitchen’s favorite food storage containers. Each container is built with an airtight seal ensuring your dry goods don’t go stale.


Be Basket Beautiful

When your storage is out on display, plastic bins just won’t cut it. Try something more decorative like a basket to hold produce, mail or even a few cookbooks. These rattan baskets have flat backs, that are ideal for hanging on the back of a door or wall.


Add Under-Shelf Storage

Tall cabinet shelving can leave extra empty space ripe for the taking. Install an under-the-shelf basket ($16) to hold items like plates, mugs, linens or ramekins.

Go Multifunctional

Heads up, home cooks! This three-in-one device ($15) makes it easy to have aluminum foil, plastic wrap and paper towels at the ready. With integrated sliding cutting blades, you’ll not have to fuss with the flimsy razors that come on traditional packaging. Plus, the unit mounts securely to your wall.

Store Items Inside Your Door

The inside of a cabinet door is the perfect place to store small slender items. This extra thin cutting board set ($20) comes with a storage unit that sticks right onto your door, keeping prep boards out of sight and out of mind—until, of course, you need them.

Organize Tea Bags

Tea enthusiasts, listen up! Flimsy cardboard tea packaging can take up a ton of space. Instead, organize your chamomiles, Earl Greys, herbals and more in this nifty tea stand. The organizer fits almost 100 tea bags and makes a neat caddy for hosting, too.

Create More Space for Cutlery

The stacked design of this utensil holder ($20) practically doubles the space in your kitchen drawer. Forks, knives and spoons rest at an angle, creating more space for larger items like whisks and spatulas.

Hang Wineglasses

Wine enthusiasts may be familiar with the 2004 flick Sideways—but have you ever heard of upside-down? This hanging wineglass holder attaches underneath your cabinet storing your glasses stem-side-up. Plus, you’ll have easy access when you uncork that next bottle of Chardonnay.

Hang Bins in the Fridge

Tired of produce piling up in the fridge? This pull-out storage bin makes chaotic, disorganized fridges a thing of the past. Simply snap the railing system onto a shelf and you’re good to go.

Stow Away Paper Towels

Have a small kitchen? We have a product for you. This over-the-door paper towel holder ($10) hides your quilted rolls in any cabinet, giving you back precious countertop space.

Add Spinners for Extra Fridge Space

Lazy Susans aren’t just great for pantry organization—they work wonders in your fridge, too. Add one to any shelf to corral all of your jams, mustards, pickles and sauces.

Group Items in a Magazine Holder

Common office supplies can double as kitchen organizers, too. A simple magazine holder, for instance, can help tidy up cleaning supplies and other bits and bobs around the kitchen. Get a pack of 12 here. We particularly like storing tall items like plastic wrap, parchment paper and aluminum foil in one of these!

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