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20 Creative Upcycled Old Window Projects To Refresh Your Home

Old window frames can become picture frames to put right on the wall over photos, mirror frames, chalkboard frames, or a means to store and display jewelry… See our amazing ideas and get inspired!

1. Vintage Window Bathroom Towel Holder


All bathrooms need a towel holder, right? Well, with a vintage window, you can elevate that into something that’s both rustic and charming. Depending on the size of your window, you can add a handful of hooks to hang towels for the whole family. Consider adding some extra accessories to it like a wreath to give it a pop of color.

2. Cool Rustic Window Framed Map


If you’re a travel buff or simply love maps, it’s always fun to show off your adoration by hanging maps on the wall in your home. With an old window, you can create a more unique frame for your favorite maps. Vintage maps are especially a good idea as they blend in effortlessly with an old-fashioned window.

3. Unique Old Fashioned Viewing Window


Whether you’ve traveled to this location or simply dream of it one day, there’s always that one photograph that can capture everything you love about a particular place. You can wake up every day to this sight by incorporating it into various sections of an old window. This fun project lets you transform any part of a wall in your home into a relaxing viewing window.

4. Upcycled Window Mini Greenhouse and Plant Holder


Who says a plant holder has to be large? You can make your own little “greenhouse” of sorts with a few pieces of an old window. Placed in the right way, these pieces can allow you to build a rather convincing miniature greenhouse. It’s the perfect place to hold a few potted plants and add a bit more character to your greenery setup.

5. Charming Picture and Clock Window Holder


Do you have an office environment that needs a bit of an upgrade? A simple, yet beautiful way to do that is with this amazing window transformation. In the various panes, you can add cool images, artwork, etc. that can fit into the theme of your room. The center can be a wonderful area to house a clock so that this isn’t just appealing décor, but functional as well.

6. Farmhouse Style Distressed Window Décor


An easy and effective way to decorate with an old window is to use it alongside other decorations. Consider livening up your porch with a cool distressed window that can help it fit in with a farmhouse layout. This gives you the freedom to add numerous items to further decorate the window and everything around it from plants to wreaths.

7. Creative Vintage Table Shelf Design


With this project, it takes repurposing vintage windows to a new level. This is a fun task to take on if you enjoy building completely new items to use around your home. Not only do you get a shelf table out of this, but you get something that’s simply appealing to look at thanks to how the windows are used to accent either side of the shelf.

8. Repurposed Dollies and Window Frame


There are plenty of things you can do with the window panes inside an old window frame. Have you ever thought about how intricate dollies can look? They can come in various designs and patterns, and you can use a handful of different ones to create an attractive look that winds up looking both vintage and chic.

9. Functional Hallway Hanging Window Storage


It’s always fun to create something new that can look good and have functionality so that you can use it on an everyday basis. That is what this window storage setup accomplishes. Feel free to give it a paint job so that it may match your room. Otherwise, a few hooks go a long way into giving you space to free up some clutter in your entryway as you can hang coats, hats, bags, etc. out of the way.

10. Upcycled Vertical Succulent Window Garden


Old windows don’t have to be used just for holding items or to act as storage for pictures in the panes. Instead of adding images, you can use all those sections to act as a beautiful succulent garden. Depending on the window size, you can add several succulent plants and bring fresh greenery to your home décor.

11. Farmhouse Chic Framed Kitchen Island


Do you have an island in your kitchen that may be in desperate need of an upgrade? Thankfully, some old windows can go a long way into making a typical island stand out more. Just a few window frames are all it takes to add a pleasant framed-like touch to the island, and it can be a good way to see through if there are shelves inside that you can access from the other side.

12. Distressed Window Beautiful Mirror Makeover


A great way you can save some of those old windows and make good use of them is by upgrading them into mirrors instead. These mirrors are, of course, functional, but they can also do well at adding some reflective light throughout a small room. It can make the area appear more open and welcoming, and all of this is done by using vintage items.

13. Gorgeous Window Frame Jewelry Display


There are several cool ways people come up with to store their jewelry, but using an old window can allow them to stand out more on their own display. Also, a window may give you far more space to store countless amounts of jewelry. This further ensures that whatever you need is immediately accessible thanks to the open hanging layout.

14. Multidimensional Stencil Window Frame Art


If you are looking for a way to add some unique décor to your walls, consider this attractive window stencil artwork. You can use whatever stencils you’d like that will suit your personal taste and feel free to make them multidimensional so that they stand out more on the window panes. Giving the window itself an updated paint job whether distressed or otherwise can only add to the overall decorative theme.

15. Inspiring Indoors Decorative Spanish Window


Spanish windows can be absolutely stunning, and what’s even better about them is that when repurposed, they don’t have to actually be windows. Rather, you can get the same effect of looking at a beautiful Spanish window inside your home against the wall. You can always add something inside the panes like chicken wire or something similar to give it some more texture.

16. Four Pane Vintage Window Mirror


If you happen to have an old four-pane window, each of those panes can readily be transformed into mirrors instead. This can bring plenty of light into a room, and it can offer a unique and decorative touch to a vintage window. You can always add a paint job to the frame as well if you feel it needs some additional sprucing up.

17. Spray Painted Window Mirror Transformation


You don’t have to replace window panes with mirrors to get the effect you want. Instead, with a little glass spray paint, you can achieve similar results in no time. Of course, this will lead to a reflective surface that isn’t as clear and smooth as standard mirrors. However, in terms of old-fashioned windows, it’s fitting for the overall décor theme.

18. Gallery Wall of Rustic Windows

Do you have a large section of the wall and no idea what to do to fill it up? Consider using an assortment of old windows to create an art gallery. These windows don’t have to be the same size or color. In fact, each individual has a better chance of standing out more if they’re different. At the same time, they should still blend well enough with one another so that the area doesn’t appear too busy.

19. Cute Distressed Window See-Through Table


An interesting way to add a distinctive coffee table to your home is using an old window. This can be done to make any type of table, of course, but it can work out great for one that will be in your living room or family room. The window gives it that glass, see-through top while the sectioned panes make it more attention-grabbing. Consider distressing the table itself to stick with the farmhouse-like vibe.

20. Antiqued Farmhouse Rustic Window Frame

This old, painted wooden window frame can be the perfect decorative piece to hang anywhere in your home. It may look especially well over a fireplace mantle whether you use it with or without any additional decorations on it like a wreath. It comes in a single size that’s 39in. high and 26in. wide.

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