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15+ Savvy Storage Hacks To Maximize Your Bathroom

Whether your bathroom is large or small, these savvy storage ideas will help you add space and stay organized.

Utilize Awkward Space

Forgoing a vanity for a floating sink looks more modern, but doesn’t add much in the way of storage. Hanging a floating shelf below the sink keeps with the airy feel while also providing a much-needed storage option.

Baskets Always Work

Or, just skip the shelf altogether and simply place stylish baskets on the floor underneath the floating sink for a casual, rustic look.

Just Add Wheels

Bar carts work perfectly in bathrooms with little to no cabinets or shelves. They can be moved out of the way or closer to the shower as needed.

Ladder Towel Rack

Leaning a ladder against the wall is an unexpected way to hang towels. This ladder doesn’t take up a lot of room and adds an interesting, boho element.

Storage Ladder, Version Two

Or, find a style that fits over the toilet to save floor space and an interesting, visual element to empty wall space.

Carve a Niche

Carve out dead wall space to house floating shelves where towels and soaps can be stored in a pretty display. Nautical candle jars serve as attractive storage for toothpaste, cotton balls, and other toiletries.

Classic Clutter Solver

You really can’t go wrong with a medicine cabinet. There are so many modern styles available, like the one seen here, that you won’t be reminded of Grandma’s house.

Built-Ins, FTW

Built-ins will never go out of style because they solve one big problem by creating storage from thin air. Or, rather, the empty space in your wall. And unlike bulky cabinets or furniture, they don’t take up any floor space.

Mini Built-Ins

Built-ins don’t have to be huge, and you don’t need an entire wall to create one. This mini built-in is about the size of a medicine cabinet. We love the mix of teak wood, navy tile and brass lighting in this space.

Faux Built-In

A shallow floating cabinet mimics the look of a custom built-in shelf but is totally removable and customizable. This pretty pink piece opens to reveal a surprising, stylish pop of graphic black-and-white wallpaper and ample storage space for styling products, makeup accessories and much more.

Hanging Baskets

You don’t need a shelf to use storage boxes you love. Just hang them from the walls to create a unique design feature that also saves floor space.

Crafty Finds

Scour salvage stores or garage sales for a cabinet unit in good condition. Then, repurpose it as a budget-friendly storage solution above the toilet.

Custom Solution

Tailor your bathroom storage solutions to the items you’ll be storing. In this airy, Scandinavian-inspired space, the maple floating shelves had holes routed out of them to fit various glass and metal inserts to keep toothbrushes and other toiletries tidy.

Tall and Slim

Think you don’t have space for a cabinet? Think again. This slender cabinet creates additional bathroom storage even in the tiniest spot between the bath and shower. The floor-to-ceiling design draws the eye up in the room, and the dark wood finish adds some warmth against the white-tiled wall.

Pull-Out Storage

The best storage is the kind you never see. This sleek pull-out magically reveals tons of space for toiletries, cleaning products, and towels in a space that would otherwise be empty.

Storage Cubbies

Cubbies are typically associated with kids’ rooms or multi-use family dens, but they work great in bathrooms, too. You can store things by height: bath toys at the bottom and mom’s expensive perfume up top.

Tidy Up With a Tray

If toiletries are cluttering up your bathroom countertop, corral them with a tray. This small update will instantly make the space look more organized.

Hang It Up

Cabinets in a small bathroom can take up a whole lot of space. Create storage by using hanging baskets and rails on the wall, then make use of accessory containers to organize all the small stuff.

Hidden Bins

Inexpensive containers from the dollar store or Ikea add convenient storage to the back of any cabinet door. Hanging them with Command strips makes them temporary with no damage to your cabinet.

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