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15 Nearly Forgotten Kitchen Tips and Tricks From The Past

Here’s a list of the best kitchen tips and tricks that come from your grandma’s day. They can help save you time, money, and effort, starting with tomato sauce.

1.Clean up with condiments

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Reader S.N. Downs says, “Tomato sauce does a great job of polishing copper cookware. Just rub a small amount on the bottom of discoloured pots or pans, let stand for a few minutes, rub again and rinse.”

2. Stretch pricey maple syrup

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Reader Edna Hoffman advises stretching maple syrup by adding 1 cup applesauce to 1 cup syrup. “Heated, it makes a delicious topping for pancakes and waffles.”

3. DIY herbal cooking oils

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For rosemary-flavoured oil, place a sprig of fresh rosemary in a glass bottle. Top it up with mild olive oil and leave to infuse for 14 days. Strain the oil through a fine sieve. Tip: Never keep flavoured olive oil in the fridge, as it will thicken and turn opaque in the cold. Remember to remove the herbs from the oil once infused or the herb can turn mouldy and taint the oil. Use within one month.

4. Give brownies a flavour boost

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Take your brownies from simple to scrumptious. Reader Marcy Wright says, “Substitute brown sugar for granulated sugar for a rich caramel flavour in brownies.”

5. Stop drips in their tracks

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Add milk to your coffee without making a mess. Reader Bertha Mueller says, “Rub a small amount of butter on the lip of your creamer, and you’ll have no more drips on the tablecloth.”

6. Give the fabric a second chance

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Don’t throw away your worn tablecloths. Instead, reader Helen Lamance says you can make a variety of dish towels and napkins from them.

In addition to wasting worn tablecloths that could easily be repurposed, there are at least 12 other kitchen mistakes it’s time to stop making.

7. Make a money-saving swap

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Save money without sacrificing flavour. Reader Mary Jane Swanner says, “For an economical substitute to chopped nuts in cookie recipes, use quick-cooking oats browned in a bit of butter.”

8. Keep apples looking fresh

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To prevent browning when working with peeled apples, Bernetta Rokusek recommends slicing them into the water with 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice added.

9. Ripen tomatoes in a rush

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Tired of waiting for your green tomatoes to turn red? Reader Anne Schofield says, “Place unripened tomatoes with other fruit, especially bananas, to speed up ripening.”

10. Bake perfectly portioned muffins

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Reader Teresa Graham has a smart breakfast tip. She says, “Use a baster to fill muffin cups all the same size – and to make no-drip hotcakes.”

11. Repurpose your decorating tools

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A cake frosting bag and decorating tip are not just for birthday cakes. Reader Dawn Lofthus says, “They also work great for filling deviled eggs. It’s decorative and fast.”

12. Just add cocoa

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More chocolate is always a good idea. Reader Lois Hill says, “When making chocolate cake, use cocoa instead of flour to coat your cake pan. This will keep the cake from having that white-flour dust on it when you remove it from the pan.”

13. Boil potatoes before baking

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To bake potatoes quickly, reader Maxine Martin says, “Boil them in salted water for 10 minutes, and then put them into the oven. The boiling water will heat the potatoes more rapidly than if they were placed into the cold oven.”

14. Toast and shout


Need bread crumbs fast? Reader Dawn Leedy says, “Put two slices of bread in the toaster, transfer them to a sandwich bag, and then crush them with a soup can or rolling pin.”

15. Use a make-shift cookie cutter

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If your cookie cutters aren’t handy, don’t hang up your apron. Reader Dorothy Blessing says, “A small can of beans or a water glass makes perfectly round cookies.” While making cookies is fun, it always results in a huge mess.

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