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15 Must Have Unique Kitchen Tools That Make You Pro

Kitchen tools are always a great and useful investment because everybody eats, after all! Even for those who don’t necessarily enjoy cooking, it’s still nicer to spend time in stylish kitchens and it’s always easier if you have the tools to make the process as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

  1. The Egg-Cracking Tool

Separate whites and yolks with precision – just crack the egg into a bowl, and use the colorful silicone fish to suction up the yolk. It couldn’t get any easier than that! And this cheerful little guy is much cuter than any of the industrial devices out there.

2. Apple Slicer Cutter

Apple slicers are must-have tools for anyone who likes to snack, dip, bake, and arrange tasty apple snacks. The Calphalon Easy Grip slicer has the added benefit of large sturdy handles for easier slicing, with a raised construction so you don’t rap your knuckles on the cutting board.

3. Nesting Bowls Set

A space-saving nesting kitchenware set with everything a casual baker could need to whip up a tasty meal in no time. This 9 piece set comes with two mixing bowls, a stainless steel colander, a stainless steel sieve, and a collection of measuring cups and spoons. The smaller mixing bowl has a spout and built-in measurements to speed up the prep process.

4. C-Pump Single-Handed Soap Dispenser

Kitchen sanitation is a huge concern, and this soap dispenser design aims to keep sticky ingredients off the dispenser so home chefs can feel confident using it after even the messiest recipes.

5. The Faucet Led

This faucet comes with an LED that changes with the temperature of the water – a fantastic safety feature for kids and anyone with high or low sensitivity to temperature, and a nice way for anyone to get the perfect temperature without wetting the hand to test it.

6. Fun Herb

Save time by cutting a few rounds of chopping from your next recipe with whole herbs! These fun herb and spice diffusers will infuse your stocks and soups with whole herbs without leaving any evidence behind.

7. Over-sink cutting boards

Over-sink cutting boards are a great way to add more prep area to a kitchen with limited counter space. This one includes an expandable colander for easy rinsing.

8. Shark-shaped knife  sharpener

This shark-shaped knife sharpener would make any aspiring chef feel pretty tough.

9. 8-in-1 Kitchen Tool

Is it a lemon squeezer? Is it a cheese grater? Is it a measuring cup? Yes, yes, and yes. This nifty gift is eight tools in one.

10. Electric Breakfast Sandwich Maker


We didn’t think we needed a straw for our hot coffee before – mostly because we thought we’d burn ourselves. These HotSips have narrow openings to prevent large sips and help keep your lipstick in place.

12. Baker’s Dusting Wand

A spoonful of sugar is fine and all, but this clutch tool lets you sprinkle cookies and cakes with confectioners sugar or cocoa as if you were a fairy. Plus it takes up way less space than a traditional sifter.

13. Pour Over Coffee Brewer

This adorable, affordable coffee maker combines two of our favorite things: cats and coffee. Gift it to the caffeinated cat mom in your friend group.

14. 2 in 1 Mushroom Cleaning Brush

Mushrooms are not meant to be washed with water because they quickly absorb it and take longer to cook. This FunGuy (get it?!) has soft, flexible bristles that brush away dirt without damaging the delicate skin.

15. The Nacho Grater

These cheese grater works just like any other, but it’s unique shape and color are what give it a wow-factor.

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