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15 Cozy DIY Decor Ideas That Will Upgrade Your Home

Here are amazing DIY decor ideas that will change the way your home looks for the cozier and better. Check them out right now!

1. Measuring Up

My culinary classroom already has a cabinet with a spot for the measuring spoons, and I can tell you they are worth their weight in gold!

Having the measurements readily available is nice as well. Simply open the door, and the information is at your fingertips.

2. Awkward Corner

This project is super cute and easy enough you could potentially have it finished in a couple of hours. Merely purchase boxes that are the same and arrange them in a manner that works well for you.

Add things to the boxes that mean something to you and need a place of their own for your cozy home decor ideas.

The full details are found over at DIY Ideas.

3. Flowers

If you are as excited about spring as I am, you can use these faux flowers and add some lemons or oranges to the bottom to keep your dining room or kitchen bright and cheery.

Better yet, you can change this vase throughout the year to cater to the season.

4. Throw Pillows

Domino has a large selection of throw pillows that you can make, so if pop tart pillows are not your thing, there are other ideas as well.

I chose this picture because I like the soft blanket and thought the pop tarts are perfect for a teen/tween girl’s room.

5. Marquee

I fell in love with the Heidi Swapp letters, but these are easy enough to make if you don’t feel like having to pay for all the different things separately.

The total cost for this project is about twenty dollars, and now you will be able to use Christmas lights all year long! The detailed tutorial can be found at Home Talk.

6. Boxes

You can take boring old boxes and decorate them up just by using a yard or less of fabric.

I like that they added the place for writing what is in each box.

If you want a box to hold items but don’t want it looking bad, here’s a way to solve that. The full tutorial can be found at In My Own Style.

7. Garden Chic

I fell in love with this picture almost immediately. If you have a cute garden area, this beautiful bike would be a sweet thing to add to the front of it.

The entire bike has been painted, and the flowers could be stick-on which you could paint over with a clear vinyl coat. Adding the welcome box to the front with flowers in them is a great way to help people understand they are coming into a place to feel cool, calm, and collected if only for those moments.

See the full tutorial at Infarrantly Creative.

8. Spring Wreath

I have fall and winter wreaths but no spring or summer wreaths. This tutorial is neat because not only are you using fake flowers that are plastic but cloth as well.

I would think this would look bad, but the author over at Cleverly Simple does a great job of making it look cute enough to proudly display on your door.

9. Sliding Barn Door

Sliding barn doors are all the rage right now and I can see why. Getting a chance to change up from the normal swing-out style door is pleasing in many ways.

I like the style of this door as well, with the opaque window and darker color wood.

To get the full details, check out My Repurposed Life.

10. Sweater Rug

If you have some sweaters that have met their day and you just can’t bear to get rid of them, why not turn them into a rug?

Soft and cute, this rug is sure to turn heads, and you get the pleasure of being able to say, “I made that myself.”

I knew I’d hook you with that one. To get the details, head over to Pillar Box Blue.

11. Placemat with Silverware Setting

Having a cleaned table with placemats ready to go for any meal, complete with silverware, makes most people feel better about their home.

Burlap is pretty easy to work with, and the pockets can be color coordinated for the time of the year.

The game plan is impressive but easy. Get the instructions over at Premeditated Leftovers.

12. Book Pages Wreath

This book-wrapped rose wreath would look good inside the house, encased in a frame.

It’s amazing what a little bit of craftiness and time can do for making a house look more like home.

To recreate this adorable design, check out Brassy Apple.

13. Love Rope Sign

I love this love sign. I think it fits perfectly with the tablecloth she is using. This is a simple, elegant tutorial that is sure to turn heads.

Get the details at This Worthey Life.

14. TeePee

I just had to add the teepee because it’s easy to take apart and put up. When you have little ones, giving them a place of their own makes them feel special.

You could pick a different fabric, naturally. I plan to make this sometime in the next year because my niece will be spending a few weeks with me over the summer and I want her to be able to use it.

I do plan to change the size though, making it big enough for the two of us to hang out comfortably!

15. Old Dresser Turned Bar

I love this concept and might do it for the coffee shop that my school runs. Having an extra station where everything sits perfectly would do us wonders.

Where the wine glasses are, I will put hooks and place coffee mugs there for the students who prefer their drinks in a coffee mug.

To see how the dresser started out, head over to Hometalk.

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