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13 Amazing Uses Of Silica Gel Packets That Are Worth Knowing

Stop throwing out silica gel packets into the garbage. We’ve found awesome ways you can use them around your house and garden.

What Is Silica Gel?

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Silica gel is amorphous and highly poriferous in nature. Its texture is similar to commonly-used compounds such as agar-agar or gelatin. In addition, it is stronger than both these varieties. It is a very powerful moisture-absorbent as it has a high affinity to water particles. Therefore, it is mainly used as a drying agent. Silica gel is processed and packed in small-sized paper sachets. These sachets are usually holey for water vapor to be absorbed by the gel.

You’ve probably seen these little packets in many of the things you buy. The packages contain silica gel. They’re included in products to keep your items safe from rot and mold. The gel inside the packets actually absorbs water vapors so your new television doesn’t gather moisture and your vitamins aren’t ruined by moisture in the air.

Here are a few amazing uses of silica gel that you should know:

1. Dry flowers

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You’ll need a lot of those gel packets for this one (or you can supplement with silica from the craft store). After carefully trimming your flowers and covering them with the silica gel, they’ll come out dry, but look fresh and pretty. See the full tutorial from Mohans Rule.

2. Save your phone

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Separate your phone and battery. Place both into a sealable baggie with as many silica gel packets as you can find. Seal the bag and let it sit until morning. (It sure beats wasting an entire bag of rice!)

3. Keep your pumpkin fresh

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If your Halloween pal molds and rots too quickly, try tossing a few silica gel packs inside the carved pumpkin. It will keep moisture at bay and keep your jack-‘o-lantern mold-free a little longer. (Bonus: the gel packs aren’t flammable so you should be okay to light your jack-o-lantern as usual.

4. Protect your leather shoes

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Toss a few silica gel packets into your leather shoes (or even sports shoes) to suck out the moisture and keep them from getting moldy.

5. Protect your clothing

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While traveling makes sure a few silica gel packets are added to the travel bag and makeup kit. This will prevent any accidentally leaked liquids from spoiling the contents of the bag.

6. Dry wet clothes

Packing the used wet clothes back into the bag can be a difficult task. This problem can be solved with silica gel. It removes some of the moisture from the clothes.

Try tossing a few of these packets into a zip lock bag with your damp swimsuit to suck out the moisture on the fly.

7. Protect your valuable documents

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Keeping your valuable documents (mark sheets, birth certificate, or passport) away from moisture can be achieved by placing a few silica gel sachets in the cabinet with these documents.

Also, books and notes can be protected from dampening by placing a packet between the pages. You can also place the book into a baggy with the packets to remove any musty smell that’s already there.

8. Keep your window clear

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Your car dashboard needs to hold a few of these packets so that the windshield remains clear during foggy weather. Similarly, a few silica gel packets can be placed on window sills to prevent condensation.

9. Protect your pics

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Slip a silica gel packet in each photo frame (behind the photo) to keep your images safe from moisture. They’ll last longer.

10. Keep your jewelry luster

Moisture can tarnish silver and thus, jewelry can lose its glow. To maintain this luster, toss a few silica gel packets into the jewelry box or locker.

11. Protect camera lens underwater

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When using the camera underwater with underwater cases, ensure that you tuck in a few silica packets in the casing along with the camera. This keeps the camera lens protected.

12. Keep your seeds safe

If you’re storing seeds to plant next season, you’ll want to keep moisture as far away as possible. Store your seeds in a shoebox with one packet to keep them safe. ​

13. Protect ammunition

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Store your ammunition safely by adding silica gel to your ammo storage. This will keep your bullets from rusting and becoming unusable.

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How to Store Silica Gel Packets?

Silica packets need to be stored in airtight containers which are not exposed to sunlight. Airtight containers restrict the moisture and air from entering in, which keeps this gel dry. They have a long lifespan and last very long when stored in the right type of containers.

How to Reactivate Silica Gel Packets?

The used silica gel packets have moisture absorbed in them. In order to reuse these packets, we need to get rid of this moisture. Place them in the microwave oven for about 1 ½ torture or heat the utilized silica for about 2 hours at 120 °C (250 °F) temperature.

Small silica gel packets are found in many things we buy, such as a bottle of vitamins or a box of leather shoes. They are a great way to protect your stuff from moisture. Do make it a point to store the silica gel packets you find. They will always come in handy when you need a quick-drying agent.

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