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12 Practical Hacks For Duct Tape Around Your House

Duct tape can do more things all around your home. While you might be used to using duct tape for most of your quick household fixes, there are also some uses for duct tape that maybe you never even know them! Here are 12 practical ways that you can use this magical tape around the house.

1. Fix A Tent

Don’t let a damaged tent ruin your camping trip! Use a few pieces of duct tape to patch up tears in the fabric of your tent. You can also use duct tape to temporarily fix a broken tent until you can buy a replacement.

2. Remove Splinters

One of the reasons why duct tape is so useful is because it’s so sticky! In fact, it’s so sticky that you can use it to remove small splinters if you don’t have tweezers handy. Just stick a small piece of duct tape to the area where the splinter is, then slowly peel the tape off. You might need a couple of tries to get it out, but it’s definitely possible!

3. Hide Valuables

Use a piece of duct tape to hide small objects in a place that’s hard to see or reach. Duct tape is strong enough to secure keys, money, credit cards, and more!

4. Patch A Hose

Use a piece of duct tape to temporarily patch holes in garden hoses and vacuum hoses. It won’t be a permanent fix, but you’ll at least be able to finish what you’re working on!

5. Catch Flies

If flies are driving you crazy and you don’t have any flypaper on hand, grab your duct tape! You can hang up a long piece of duct tape to act as a piece of flypaper in a pinch.

6. Temporary Hem

Use duct tape to create a temporary hem on too-long pants. Simply fold the excess fabric under, and use a small piece of duct tape to secure it in place.

7. Remove Lint

Use duct tape to make an impromptu lint roller! Take a long piece of duct tape and wrap it back around itself so the sticky side is facing out. Then just roll the tape across your clothes to remove lint and pet hair.

8. Keep Your Feet Warm

You can use duct tape to help make your winter boots retain more heat. Just wrap duct tape around the insoles of your boots (or buy some cheap insoles to use for this project). The reflective surface of the duct tape will help reflect heat back into the soles of your feet, so your feet will stay nice and toasty! 🙂

9. Remove Warts

Many people have successfully removed warts using duct tape! The theory is that if you keep a wart completely sealed off for several days, that you cut off the oxygen supply and suffocate it. To give it a try for yourself, place a piece of duct tape over your wart for 6 days. Leave it alone – no peeking, no water, and no air!

10. Protect Your Floors

Place duct tape on the bottom of the legs of your furniture. The duct tape layer will help protect your floors from scuffs and scratches.

11. Open A Jar

Struggling to open a jar lid? Use a piece of duct tape to get it done! Wrap a piece of duct tape around the edge of the lid, with one edge left unstuck. Pull-on the unstuck edge and the lid should twist off with minimal effort.

12. Keep Duct Tape Organized

The one thing about duct tape is that it’s hard to rip off without a scissor, so we highly suggest this little trick. Take a piece of parchment paper and put a piece of duct tape across it. Then cut both the parchment and the tape so you have easy-to-pull-off strips of tape at the ready.

Do you like these duct tape hacks? Please share them in the comments section below.


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