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Two Friends Go Skydiving

Two Friends Go Skydiving

Two Friends Go Skydiving

This is the first solo jump for both of them.

The plane lifts off and the instructor gives them their last instructions:

“When the light above the door turns green, you can jump.”

The first guy (who is a major stutterer) asks: “w-w-w-will the p-p-pparach-ch-ute open o-o-on its o-o-o-own?”

The instructor says: “No sir, you have to pull the chord yourself. Just jump out, count to ten, and then pull the chord.”

The light turns green and the second guy jumps first.

After ten seconds he opens his parachute and lands safely in an open field next to a river.

After a few minutes, he hears a loud splash and he looks over to the river.

The first guy comes up and says: “N-n-ine.”


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A man goes skydiving for the first time.

After listening to the instructor for days, he is ready to go.

The man goes up in the airplane and waits to get to the proper altitude.

Excited, he jumps out of the airplane.

After a bit, he pulls the ripcord. Nothing happens. He tries again. Still nothing.

He starts to panic but remembers his backup chute.

He pulls that cord. Nothing happens.

He frantically begins pulling both cords but to no avail.

Suddenly, he looks down and he can’t believe his eyes.

Another man is in the air with him, but this guy is going up!

As the other man gets near, the skydiver yells, “Hey, do you know anything about skydiving?”

The other guy yells back, “No! Do you know anything about gas stoves?”


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