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The Common Kitchen Life Hacks Straight from Chefs


1. To cut an onion and not cry, put a burning candle next to yourself

Another way: Cut an onion in half, hold it under cold water, let it rest a little, and then cut.

2. If you cut tomatoes with a bread knife, the circles will be thin and the juice won’t be all around the kitchen

3. One-pan chicken thighs can be cooked on a wire rack over sliced potatoes. The potatoes will taste much better this way

4. “I was able to fit 2 large packets of hot wings into a medium-sized oven dish by using wooden skewers to hold up the wings vertically.”

5. “This splatter shield was too small for my pan.”

6. Bake bacon in the oven

Ever wonder why the bacon you get at a restaurant is always evenly and consistently cooked with no annoying raw ends? Ever wonder why the middles don’t get all crumbly or hard and overcooked? The difference is all in the cooking. Whereas most home chefs fry up bacon on the frying pan, most restaurant workers bake it in the oven. Try it out at 400 to 420 degrees Fahrenheit and be amazed!

7. Make an orange candle

Want to knock someone’s socks off at a dinner party or a date? This kitchen hack is for place settings, not for food preparation, but it still involves food. Instead of grabbing a candle and putting it on the dinner table, why not grab an orange instead?

8. Food thaws faster if you set it in a frying pan. The cold conducts to the metal of the pan where it is dissipated faster

9. Use a slice of bread, plastic wrap, and an airtight container to store homemade sushi

10. Soften butter in minutes

Nobody likes cold butter that is impossible to cut. It turns out there is a perfect solution which allows you to soften your butter without melting it, and it only takes a couple of minutes. This is an easy way to make your dinner guests happy.

Just get a small glass and warm it up, then put it over top of the butter. You can heat up the glass by running warm water over it or by putting it in the microwave for a few seconds. The butter under the glass will quickly soften and will be just the right consistency to easily cut and spread. Voila!

11. Use a tablespoon to peel a boiled egg in a matter of seconds

12. Why wash greasy containers by hand if you can do it this way?

13. Peel a head of garlic in seconds

It turns out there is a hack for peeling garlic that is every bit as simple as the hack for shucking corn. All you need is two bowls that are the same size. Put your head of garlic in one of the bowls, and then put the other bowl on top of it to create a closed container. Then simply shake the bowls really hard. In a minute or less, you can open the container back up and look inside. Assuming you shook it hard enough and long enough, you should see all the skins separated from the garlic cloves. Awesome!
























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