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Never ignore a person who loves you…

Never ignore a person who loves you...

A Heart Breaking Love Story…

There was a guy who was so tired of reading his girlfriend’s message because there are always “I love you!”, “I miss you!” or
“Hey, have you had your meal?”
One night while lying on the bed, he received a text message from her. He didn’t read it, instead he ignored it and slept off.
In the morning, he got a call from his girlfriend’s mom. She was crying helpless while telling him that his girlfriend was killed that night she sent the text to him. He remembered there was a message that came in and he read it… “Honey please come & help me, Someone is following me, I’m close to your street…please”

MORAL: Never ignore a person who loves you and cares for you because one day you may realise you’ve lost the moon while counting the stars!

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Got to see your DP, you were looking really beautiful and stunning..

You could’ve looked more beautiful without the hat too..

But still it was good.. 🙂

She: Hey…Thanks!!

Wish I could take-off my hat for the click.. 🙂

He: Was it that tough to take it off??

She: For me it was..

I don’t want to be hated by everyone..

I am going through my cancer stage..

It is my friend who took the click & posted in FB, else I would’ve never done it..

He: Hey Sorry. I was not aware about your current condition..(He lied)

She: It’s okay, you don’t have to be sorry for a small reason.. 🙂

He: You know what..

Beauty doesn’t lies on face.. .it begins the moment when you decide to be yourself…

I can understand your current situation, but trust me, things are going to be better soon.. Just have faith.

And I still wanted to see you – how you are, not by hiding the beauty but by showing how strong you are!

She: Who said I’m strong??

I’m not that strong enough to fight my current stage which I’m going through..

It’s really painful for me to handle it..

He: Is it that painful which I am going through currently??


The Guy who pinged the girl was going through the bad stage of cancer (Stage IV).. He almost have lost his hope of living but he was trying to give hope to the girl who was at initial stage of Cancer.

He came to know about her situation from the nurse who always gives him a hope to live.

Moral of the story:

We shouldn’t take everything as granted, sometimes we just need someone to give us hope and make us believe in that.


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