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Moles On Your Body Tell A Lot About Your Life

Many people have moles at various parts of their body. Even though they can often be invisible, sometimes they can become a unique feature which attracts attention. Every mole has a different meaning based on where it is located. Here are some things your moles can tell about you according to their location.

1. Near the temple

It means you are adventurous person and you enjoy discovering new things and places. You will probably travel a lot whether it is about business or leisure. Chinese astrology claims that you are always perfect in whatever you do because you are able to focus completely.

2. Middle of the forehead

You excel at your job and your career is very promising. Even if your current job is not your dream job, you will eventually have the opportunity to do something you have always wanted to.

3. Around or below the eyebrow

You love your home and family and they are always your number one priority. You are always supportive towards your relatives which is why they appreciate you a lot. You enjoy spending time with your family. You are a natural leader. If your mole is inside the eyebrow, you will probably discover a “hidden treasure”.

4. At the corners of the mouth

You enjoy shopping and earning enough money is the most important thing for you. You are often very materialistic, however you need to set your priorities straight and become aware that money will never buy you happiness.

5. On the cheek

If it is close to the jaw it means you are a natural leader. If it is in the middle of the cheek you are very likely to become wealthy. And if it is close to the lips, you probably feel very lonely. However, it is up to you whether you are going to feel that way all the time.

6. In the palm of the hand

You are very responsible when it comes to money and you know how to spend it and save it. Hard work is your solution to every problem.

7. Outside of the hand

You have excellent management skills and you always know what to do in every situation. You are confident which is why people often come to you for an advice. These skills will also make you a great teacher.

8. At the bottom of the feet

You don’t like staying in the same place for too long. You travel a lot, and you are very open-minded. You use every opportunity to meet new people and see new places which makes you very happy.

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