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How To Cook Best Silk Free Corn On The Cob From Master Chef

Corn is such a basic food to cook, but you also easy to cook…badly. Recently, the YouTube channel “Food Wishes”, and their star frontman who goes by the name of Chef John, show us how to make the process of cooking the perfect ear of corn even simpler. Check out it now!

Every culture has its own way of preparing corn and using it for its meals in completely different ways. For many, corn on the cob is ideal because it’s so easy to prepare.

As Chef John lets’ us know, his tip is not exactly about the cooking of the cob per se… The aim of the game is to avoid getting too many of those pesky “corn silk” threads in your cooked cobs.

Here’s Chef John’s method.

The easiest way to get that corn cooked nice and thoroughly as fast as possible is still just to microwave it.

If you’re a fan of the barbeque, however, fear not, this hack works on the grill too!

Source: YouTube-Food Wishes

The microwave method sure is efficient!

Our valiant chef instructs us to microwave the corn on high for three and a half minutes.

In order to save himself the trouble of moving his finger to the “zero” button, he cooks his cob for three minutes and thirty-three seconds.

It seems that Chef John can’t help but find hacks, even in the little things!

Source: YouTube-Food Wishes

Pull your ears out!

Ears of corn that is. Be cautious, however, that corn will be piping hot.

Make sure to use a cloth to keep yourself from burning your hands.

Holding your cob steady on a chopping board, go ahead and chop the stalk-end of the cob off.

This releases all of the fibers that run to the end of the cob as “corn silk”.

Source: YouTube-Food Wishes

Give it the squeeze.

Carefully, with the cloth still wrapped around the cob, squeeze the cob so that the corn itself slips slowly out of the husk.

This will be incredibly hot, so do take care.

Source: YouTube-Food Wishes

The perfectly cooked, fiber-free corn cob.

Now, if you look carefully at your cooked cob, you will see that there will be few if any silk fibers running between the kernels, as opposed to when you strip the husk from the pointy tip.

Source: YouTube-Food Wishes

The last step is the tastiest.

Now your corn cob is ready to slather in butter and salt.

Then, you’re ready to tuck in! Remember though, that the corn will still at this point be piping hot, after three and a half minutes in the microwave.

Source: YouTube-Food Wishes

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