Moral Story

Father’s Gift – Moral Story

Father's Gift - Moral Story

One day a little girl asked her daddy,

“What are you going to get me for my 15th birthday?”

Her father replied, “There is still time until then my sweetie.”

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Time passed, and just before her 15th birthday, she fainted and was rushed to the hospital.

The doctor came out and told her dad that she had a bad heart and that she was probably going to d .ie. When she was lying in the hospital bed, she said softly,

“Daddy….. have they told you that I am going to d .ie?”

The father replied, “No, you are going to live.”

She asked, “How can you be so sure daddy?”

He said, “Because I know….”

A short time later she turned 15. After she was released from the hospital and recovering , she came home to find a letter on her bed, which read……..

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“My dearest daughter, if you are reading this letter, it means that everything went well, just as I told you it would. A few years ago you asked me what I was going to give you for your 15th birthday. I didn’t know then. But my present to you was………..


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