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9 Smart cleaning tips with lemon you may not know

Until now, lemon is a very popular fruit everywhere with a relatively cheap price. But perhaps many people do not know the benefits of lemon in daily life. Here are 9 tips for cleaning any surface with lemon that you probably didn't know. We will show it now.

Lemons are a great natural cleanser because they are high in citric acid, have a low pH, and have excellent antibacterial properties. Whether it’s stubborn stains, dirty cutlery, or a burnt barbecue, you can clean with lemon in a variety of ways, often requiring only one or two more ingredients. Here are 9 different ways you can clean with a…

1. Clean the microwave with lemon

Just pour some water into a serviceable bowl or pitcher and add a few slices of lemon. Turn on the microwave until the window is flat. Microwave the bowl for 3 minutes before opening the door to remove any grease and grime, then wipe clean with a sponge or cloth.

2. Clean the kettle with lemon

Use a whole lemon to descale your dirty kettle. You just need to cut into thin slices, put lemon in warm and fill with cold water to apply on acne-affected skin. Bring the kettle to a boil once, then let it sit for half an hour, boil it a second time, and then rinse. Your kettle should be nice and clean and have a lemon color.

3. Clean stains with lemon

A little lemon juice and salt can remove stubborn stains in just a few minutes. Squeeze some lemon juice directly onto the stained area, then sprinkle some salt on top. Rub this mixture on the yellowed area for a few minutes, then rinse with water. Repeat this a few times, then let dry before washing as usual. Do not use lemon juice on delicate fabrics, such as silk.

4. Clean the barbecue with lemon

This technique is similar to removing stains from clothes. Cut a lemon in half, put a pinch of salt in a bowl, and dip each lemon halves in the salt so that the lemon is completely submerged. Next, heat up the BBQ and scrub the grill with lemon, the same way you would a sponge. The abrasive action of the salt and the acidic, antibacterial properties of the lemon will keep the lemon clean and disinfected.

5. Polish metal with lemon

Do exactly the same way you would clean your BBQ grill with lemon to remove dirt and give your cutlery a nice shine. You can polish brass, chromium, copper, aluminum, bronze and stainless with lemon, but do not use it on gold or silver, as this can damage the plating.

6. Create an all-in-one cleaner

Don’t throw away leftover lemon zest. Instead, keep them and create a super easy all-in-one cleaner. Pour lemon zest into half a mason jar, then pour vinegar over the jar. Cover the jars and place in a dark refrigerator for two weeks (the longer you leave them, the more the two ingredients will infuse). After two weeks, pour the liquid into a spray bottle and use as you would any all-purpose cleaner.

7. Remove stains on cutting boards with lemon

Simply cut a lemon in half and use it as a sponge by rubbing it on a cutting board to remove stains. For more stubborn stains and to give your lemons a little extra boost, sprinkle some salt or bicarbonate of soda on the board before scrubbing with the lemons.

8. Remove stains from tupperware boxes

Curry or leftover bolognese pasta has stains in your tupperware container? Cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice into the box, then use the lemon to rub the juice on the stains. Leave the juice on for 15 minutes before rinsing it off.

9. Remove stubborn stains on food

We’ve all been guilty of leaving dishes out overnight and then struggling to wash away leftovers the next day, but a lemon and a pinch of salt can help. Dip half a cut lemon in a pinch of salt and clean the dishes. The citric acid and salt will work together to cut through any hard parts of the food.

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