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6 Tricks To Make Your Small Closets That Feel Like More Spacious

Most of us are stuck with the same basic small bedroom closet. However, even the smallest closets can fit your needs with the right tricks. Here are some tricks to make your small closet feel more spacious and organized.

1. Purge

closetsYou knew this was coming. The first rule when organizing any space, especially when square footage is limited, is to get rid of excess. Time to empty your closet and brutally edit the contents.

2. Reconfigure Your Closet System

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Just because your closet came with one hanging rod doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Relocate the current rod higher, then add a second lower rod for skirts and pants.

Just that small change makes a huge difference. Adding a small set of drawers can also be useful for corraling folded sweaters, workout clothes, and more.

3. Shelves, Shelves, Shelves!

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Open shelving can change your world when it comes to small closets. Whether you use a closet kit or build your own – remember to use all the vertical space available to you.

The top shelf can be reserved for out-of-season clothes or other items that are not needed daily. Filling the shelves with baskets gives you even more storage options.

4. Open Up Those Doors

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If you have sliding closet doors, or small bifold doors like these, you know how frustrating it can be to not have full access to your whole closet.

We love this brilliant solution, removing the closet divider and the doors completely, revealing a much bigger closet that would otherwise be hidden!

5. Matching Baskets or Bins

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If you use baskets or bins in your closet, opt for matching ones. This makes the whole closet look tidier, more cohesive, and yes – bigger!

Color coordinating your clothing can also help give the space a more organized feel and makes it easy to locate your favorite yellow top.

6. Create a Jewelry Station

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You may not be Kim Kardashian, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a little luxury in your closet. A nook or shelf reserved for a piece of jewelry and a small decorative mirror can add a bit of glamour to an otherwise boring closets.

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