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20 Genius Parenting Hacks That Parents Should Know

No one ever said parenting was easy. But, you can make it easier with a few good hacks. They’ll help you to save time and get things done more efficiently. We picked out some awesome hacks that will make parenting go a little bit smoother.

1. Diaper Tuck

Want to make diaper clean-up easier? Place a diaper underneath your baby before you take off the first one. This way it will catch any instead of making a mess out of the surface you are changing the baby on.

2. Easy Onesie Removal

If your baby made a mess in their pants you don’t have to make it worse when you take off their onesie. Onesies are made with arm flaps at the shoulders that allow you to pull them off from the top. That way you can avoid the mess at the bottom as best you can.

3. Get Them to Do Chores

When we were kids we’d get a kick in the pants if we didn’t do our chores. But now that we live in a more civilized time where physical abuse is not only frowned upon but also scientifically proven to be ineffective. So, parents are coming up with better ways to get the kids to do chores. Change the WiFi password each morning and don’t give it to them until all the chores are done.

4. Pacifier Dip

Is your baby refusing a pacifier? Try dipping it in breast milk, formula, or whatever they’re presently drinking/eating. It might entice them into liking the pacifier.

5. Nail Clipping Hack

It’s best to clip your baby’s nails when they are sleeping. They won’t even notice or fuss. Just make sure they are sound asleep.

6. Always Keep A Sick Kit On Hand

Kids usually get sick in the middle of the night or out of nowhere. So you should have a sick kit on hand. It should include a bucket or pail with a bag that they can throw up in, chicken noodle soup, stomach medicine, cold medicine, Gatorade or Pedialyte, fever reducer, and a thermometer. You’ll be ready when sickness strikes.

7. Painting the Fence

This is a great way to keep your kids entertained while you’re trying to get stuff done in the yard. Tell your toddler they can paint the fence. Give them a clean paintbrush and a bucket of water.

8. Upcycled Crib Desk

When your kids have outgrown their crib, turn it into a desk. Just remove one of the sides and paint the bottom in chalkboard paint. Use hooks to hang items and supplies.

9. Faux Hand

You can help soothe a toddler with a bean or rice-filled glove. The place is on your child’s back or wherever they want to be held. This will help free up a hand or two to do something else.

10. Track Dosages

Make sure your kid gets all their medicine. You can keep track of doses with this hack. Just draw a chart on the back of the bottom and check off each time they get a dose.

11. Lollipop Saver

Use plastic eggs to save that half-eaten lollipop. Just poke a hole in the bottom of the plastic egg. It will prevent your lollipop from getting gross or something else sticky.

12. Trampoline Noodles

Use pool noodles to prevent injuries on the trampoline. Cut them into pieces and place them over the trampoline springs. If they fall on them, they will be cushioned.

13. DVD Coloring Case

Make long trips fun and mess-free by making a coloring case with an empty DVD box. Use one side to hold pieces of paper cut to size. Use the folder or pocket on the other side to hold colored pencils or pens and pencils.

14. Prevent Finger Slams

Don’t let your babies slam their little piggies in the door. Cut a piece of play noodle and place it over the door. This way they won’t be able to slam the door.

15. Baby Sock Hack

Never lose a baby sock again. Put them in a mesh bag for delicates before you toss them in the washing machine. You could put adult socks in them too.

16. Animal Parade

This will keep your kid busy for hours. Place tape on a carpet. Let your child line their toys up on the tape to create an animal parade.

17. Capture Toe Nail Clippings

Capture kiddie toenail clippings with this hack. Just wrap each side of the clippers with tape. The clippings will stick to the tape.

18. Traveling Potty

If your kids are learning to use the potty you’ll probably have to find that they have to go at the most inconvenient times. Keep a potty in the car. Just insert a diaper inside of the bowl for easier cleanup. You can also use dog wee pads for additional coverage.

19. Baby proof Table

Need to babyproof your coffee table or entertainment center? Use pool noodles. Just cut a slit into them and slie it over the edge.

20. Sippy Cup Strap

Having to pick your kid’s sippy cup up off the floor every five minutes is annoying. Especially when you’re at the grocery store. Use the cart strap to strap their sippy cup to them. This way it won’t fall but will still be easy for them to sip.

Parenting Isn't Easy

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