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20 Easy Home Repair Hacks For People Who Aren’t “Handyman”

There are lots of ways to patch up your home without spending a fortune. Home repair hacks mentioned use household products you already have.

1. Nail Polish on Screws

Nail polish is a pretty wondrous product, especially clear nail polish. Many women know that the beauty product can be used to stop runs in pantyhose, but it also has multiple uses around the home. And of course, it makes a great topcoat for a manicure.

When it comes to using screws in your home, sometimes they get a bit loose and don’t stay in place. It turns out that painting the screw with nail polish acts like glue, making it more likely to stay put.

2. Crayons in Nail Holes

Most people’s homes are littered with nail holes, either from a previous tenant or from their own family. These little holes in the wall can be annoying, especially if they make the clean white wall they’re on look less than perfect. Well, one way to disguise these little eyesores is by using a crayon.

For this home hack, choose a crayon that closely matches whatever wall you’re trying to improve. Simply color over the hole with firm pressure – it’s actually quite fun.

3. Use Tape While Caulking

Regardless of the context, we’ll always be amused by the word “caulk.” For those unfamiliar with the wonderful world of caulking, caulk is a waterproof sealant used in building work and home repairs. However, it can get a little messy for lesser practiced caulkers.

Apparently, the best way to get a straight edge while caulking is to use tape. However, this isn’t like using tape when painting – in the case of caulk, the tape must be removed when the caulk is still wet.

4. Unscrew Bulbs with a Potato

Yes, you did read that right – we recommend unscrewing light bulbs using a potato, or half a potato to be precise. This simple home hack is for broken lightbulbs, as retrieving one with your fingers is a sure way to get a hand covered in cuts.

In order to remove a broken bulb from its socket, take half a potato and push it into the bulb. Turn the potato counterclockwise so that the glass goes into the potato. And remember – turn off the power!

5. Rubber Bands to Remove Screws

Unfortunately, sometimes the tops of screws can become so damaged or bored out that a screwdriver or drill can’t extract them. This is because they can’t get a good enough grip, leaving you with screws stuck in walls, doors, or furniture.

One way to get around this is to use a humble rubber band. Simply place the band over the head of the screw, and then use slow, firm pressure to get it out. The band adds extra friction, meaning the screw should come out.

6. Use Soap in Nail Holes

We’ve already talked about nail holes and their uncanny ability to ruin entire walls. If you don’t have any crayons to hand, then try using a bar of soap instead. For white walls, go for a basic bar of white soap, and for other colors, try and find a bar of soap that matches.

Simply rub the soap in a circular motion over the hole until it’s completely filled in. Use a rag or a warm wet cloth to wipe away excess soap.

7. Use a Bumper on Cabinets

Bumpers are handy little devices that can be used in various easy home hacks. If you’re sick of your cabinet doors slamming every time you close them, then pop a door bumper inside and enjoy the silence instead.

This simple hack can also be used for drawers that are constantly slammed shut. Just add a bumper and you won’t have to suffer the sound of rattling or slamming again. For this handy home hack, your ears will thank you.

8. Ice Cubes on Carpet Dents

There are pros and cons when it comes to carpets vs hard floors, and people can be opinionated about their preferred option. One of the drawbacks of carpeted flooring is that it can get dented from large pieces of furniture, leaving little concave marks on the floor.

To address this, simply set an ice cube on top of the dent and let it melt. As the water absorbs, the carpet springs back to normal. Afterward, use a hard-bristled brush to fluff it up.

9. Hot Iron Your Wood Dents

Now, carpets aren’t the only type of flooring with dents – wooden floors are also susceptible. Likewise, furniture that’s made from wood can also end up with dents here and there. But how to fix them?

Well, hardwood dents can be quickly removed using a hot iron. First, wet the dent with a small bit of water, and then put a moist towel on top. Iron over the area in a circular motion, and the dent should lift.

10. Toilet Bowl Cleaner on Grout

Most people that do DIY jobs around their home come face to face with grout at some point. The dense material is used to fill gaps and is usually present in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas with tiles.

Grout can get a little grubby, but it can be cleaned fairly easily. Try using toilet bowl cleaner on your grout, and leaving it for 15 minutes. Scrub the treated grout with a toothbrush and then mop or wash with warm water.

11. Soap for Leg Cramps

OK, bear with us, because this home hack sounds pretty wild. Apparently, many people agree that putting a bar of soap under your bedsheet is the best way to get rid of leg cramps at night. Now, nobody really understands why this works, leading to some people concluding that it’s just the placebo effect.

However, others think this hack works because of something to do with magnesium or ions. Fans of this trick recommend using soap with a high level of purity.

12. Kool-Aid in the Toilet

From soap in the sheets to Kool-Aid in the toilet, this list brings you all sorts of wacky home hacks that work. Apparently, flavored drink mix Kool-Aid is a good way of figuring out if you have a leaky toilet. Just pick up a sachet of a dark-colored flavor of the drink.

To try it, take the lid off your toilet tank and pour in the Kool-Aid. After 30 minutes, if your toilet bowl is Kool-Aid colored, then you have a leak. Remember not to flush!

13. Experiment with Aluminum Foil Fingers

For people that live in a cold climate, it can be a real pain to try and use your phone while also wearing gloves. Yes, you can buy gloves that are specially made for phone use, but wouldn’t you rather hack your way to the same outcome?

By simply putting a small piece of aluminum foil over each finger, your hands will transform from glove-wrapped appendages to super functional fingers. This hack is obviously much cheaper than buying a new pair of gloves.

14. Unclog Your Own Drains

When it comes to drains in the bathtub or the shower, nobody likes to stand ankle deep waiting for their fetid water to disappear down the hair-filled plug hole.

In order to unclog your drains without using bleach or any harsh chemicals, you can whip up your own at home solution. Pour boiling water down the drain, followed by ½ cup of baking soda and ½ cup of white wine vinegar. After 10 minutes, flush with more boiling water.

15. Bread and Vinegar in the Garbage

Trash cans get pretty stinky, even if they’re regularly emptied. However, there is one way to refresh your garbage can overnight, leaving it free of any residual pong. To try this home repair hack, get yourself a paper towel or a sheet of parchment paper, a slice of bread, and some vinegar.

With an empty trash can, pour the vinegar onto the bread and set it on the paper towel or parchment inside. Leave this overnight, and return to a much fresher trash can.

16. Combat Trash Can Suction

While we’re talking about trash cans, let’s take a moment to deal with trash can suction problems. This can happen to the best of us but happens more frequently to people who continue to stuff trash into the garbage when it’s clearly already full.

Rather than tugging at the trash bag and risking it tearing everywhere, drill a hole into the side (not bottom) of the plastic liner instead. This hole will release suction but prevent any nasty leaks.

17. Dish Soap in the Bath

Cleaning the bathroom can be a grueling process, with stray hairs, nasty stains, and mysterious residue everywhere. Once you’ve scrubbed the toilet and mopped the floors, you might have lost energy for tackling the bath itself. After all, it’s so big.

Well, there’s no need to get on your hands and knees to clean the bath. Instead, cover the bath with dish soap and use a broom to scrub off soap scum and mildew. Trust us, it works a treat.

18. Use Foil as a Funnel

When we were kids, there were funnels all over the place. They were at school, they were in board games, and they came with various toys. Nowadays, we hardly ever see funnels at all. What’s that about? Where did all the funnels go?

The next time you find yourself needing to pour some liquid into a bottle – or some similar funnel-related conundrum – just roll some aluminum foil into a funnel shape and pour it through that. Voila, problem solved!

19. Use Foil to Remove Rust

While we’re talking about aluminum foil, the everyday item also comes in handy for other household hacks. If you have something at home that’s covered in rust, then grab yourself a sheet of aluminum foil and get polishing.

Apparently, it’s best to clean your rusty item first with a microfiber towel and some soapy water. Then, dip your aluminum foil into clean water, and then rub it onto your item. That pesky rust should wipe away before your very eyes.

20. Rubber Bands on the Doors

If you have a front door that latches shut when it closes, there’s a handy home hack that can help with that. If you’re going in and out with groceries, you mightn’t want the door to keep slamming shut, and this hack prevents exactly that.

Simply take a couple of rubber bands and loop them, one by one, around the outside door handle, and around to the inside door handle. Avoid the latch and lock while doing this, and the bands will work as a bumper.

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