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15 Unique Ways To Repurpose Old Drawers

If you’ve been looking for a way to repurpose old dressers or cabinets, this post for you! Here are 15 amazing and unique ways that you can use old drawers and make them new again.

There’s everything in here from storage to wonderful decorating projects and even pet beds. Whatever you’re in the mood to create, you can do it with an old drawer. Grab those DIY supplies and let’s get started!

1. Sandwich Station

Take that old drawer and turn it into this amazing sandwich station. You’ll have all your wraps and tin foil right there where you need them, and this would be a great way to get a little rustic country into your kitchen. I love how easy this is to make and imagine the organization you can pull off with this old drawer-turned wrap station! You’ll be turning out wrapped lunches in no time!

DIY Instructions: curbly

2. Under Bed Storage

This under-the-bed storage idea is great and very easy to do. You can make as many of these as you have drawers available, and you can just imagine how much organizing you can get done. You attach casters to the bottom of the old drawer so that it pulls in and out easily. This is by far one of my favorites from this collection!

DIY Instructions: thepaintedhome tealandlime

3. Bathroom Cabinet

Organizing is my favorite thing to do, and this bathroom cabinet made from an old dresser drawer is the perfect way to get the bathroom organized and create more space. This is great for smaller rooms that have little storage space available. Just refinish the drawer however you want and hang it up. You’ll be able to keep the clutter down to a minimum with this great shelving idea!

DIY Instructions: theboldabode

4. Drawer Ottoman

Use that old dresser drawer to create this stunning, and very functional, ottoman. You just add legs and a nice fluffy cushion. The best part? There’s storage underneath! You can use the space under the cushion to store books, games, magazines, or whatever you need to get up and out of the way. Plus, it gives you extra seating when you need it.

DIY Instructions: bec4-beyondthepicketfence

5. Porch Planter

Okay, this may be my favorite from this collection. This gorgeous planter is made from an old drawer and some old spindles. This is too gorgeous and perfect for spring! Paint it or stain it in whatever colors you want to make it really stand out. This is a great way to bring some of that beautiful summer scenery onto your porch and use those old drawers, too.

DIY Instructions: mylove2create

6. Entry Hangers

You could use these hangers anywhere in the house, but aren’t they great for the entryway? You just use the fronts of those old drawers, complete with the pull knobs, and you have wonderful hangers that will keep jackets, backpacks, and other stuff off the floor or counter. Since you’re only using the front of the drawer, you’re free to use the rest of it on one of the other projects in the collection. Or, just pick up some extra knobs and use the entire drawer to create a whole collection of hangers.

DIY Instructions: designsponge

7. Picture Frames

I think maybe smaller drawers would be a better fit for these picture frames, but they are definitely something that you could do. Finish them however you want with paint or stain and then add old photographs to create a beautiful and very unique display for your pictures. You could turn them into shadowbox-type creations, too, and add a few trinkets that really bring out those pictures.

DIY Instructions: hgtv

8. Jewelry Organizer

There’s that word, organize, again. I love anything to do with organizing, so this jewelry organizer made from an old drawer just had to be included in the collection. What a great idea for a teen’s bedroom! This is perfect for holding bracelets and earrings, or you could turn a longer drawer vertical and use it to hold necklaces and keep them from tangling.

DIY Instructions: mikaeladanvers

9. Dog Bed

This is a gorgeous and really comfortable place for your pets to sleep. If you have smaller dogs, you can use smaller drawers and I’m sure you can find a drawer large enough for even the biggest of dogs in your house. Paint or stain it to match your current room décor and then add cushions. Your dog will love it as much as you do and you’re sure to get a lot of attention from visitors.

DIY Instructions: diyshowoff

10. Drawer Bookcase

I love books almost as much as I love organizing, so this bookshelf made from old drawers fits in perfectly with this collection. You could use this as a side table as well as a book holder, which is even better because it doubles as room décor while providing you a functional place to store all those books. This is a great idea for teens or college students, too, and will help them to stay organized while giving them just a bit of decoration for their rooms.

DIY Instructions: styleestate

11. Drawer Dollhouse

Oh my goodness how adorable is this dollhouse? It’s made from nightstand drawers, although I’m sure you could use any drawers that you have available. You’ll need two drawers to create a dollhouse this size. Imagine the look on your little one’s face when you show her this new dollhouse, and you can completely customize it however you want. It’s great for indoor or outdoor play.

DIY Instructions: semiproper

12. Self-Watering Planter

Let’s just forget for a moment that this planter is gorgeous. It’s also a self-watering planter! You can create this with just a couple of old drawers and it’s really much easier to make than you may imagine. This is great for the front porch or even inside the house if you need to keep those indoor plants watered regularly, and really don’t have a green thumb. The drawers can be stained all one color or mix it up and make them really colorful. However you do it, this is sure to be your favorite planter ever.

DIY Instructions: instructables

13. Vintage Signage

Turn those old drawers into unique vintage signage with just a little work. This exit sign is wonderful and would make great décor for any room. You can make whatever signage you want from the drawers, and when you use the entire drawer, you’ll have loads of boards to create a number of signs. Plus, making them is easy and you’ll be the only one who knows that they’re not really vintage.

DIY Instructions: infarrantlycreative

14. Wall Storage

Here’s another great idea for the entryway. You can use those old drawers to create storage boxes that hang on the wall. Use those storage boxes for holding boots and shoes, keys, or whatever else you may want to hang up when you enter your home. I love the thought of having a place for boots and shoes that may be wet or muddy. And, imagine always knowing right where you left your keys!

DIY Instructions: douangphila

15. Drawer Basket

Instead of spending a fortune on baskets, turn an old drawer into one. You can use the basket to hold anything from toys or knitting supplies to books or whatever you need it to hold. Just add a handle and you’re good to go. This is such a neat idea and one that is so easy to make. And, it really looks like an old basket, so you can add to your vintage, rustic décor as well.

DIY Instructions: salvagedwhimsy

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