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15 Fabulous DIY Upcycled Old Jeans Projects That You Should Try

Are you looking for a great way to upcycle those jeans in your closet or drawer? These DIY Upcycle Jean Projects are going to totally inspire you to create something fabulous!

There are so many wonderful DIYS waiting for you here that you will have fun making and using. There are projects that are fabulous for storage… we have rugs that are so trendy and durable… we have home decor items… even denim rose necklaces. So sit back and try to get your mind off things for a moment… take a deep breath and a sip of your favorite brew and explore all of these incredible Upcycle Jean Projects!

1. A Denim Wreath with Felt Roses

What a great way to use up some jean material! Strips of denim quickly turn into a wreath… then with a little help from some felt or you can upcycle a sweater… roses are in bloom and you are going to find out how truly simple this is to create! Of course, if you want to… after you make the wreath you could add your favorite faux flowers to make the project even more quick and easy! ENJOY!

2. Hanging Denim Basket with Embroidery Hoops

Well… Clair is back with yet another amazing DIY Upcycled Jean Project! These Hanging Denim Baskets have a secret ingredient that makes them over the top fabulous… an Embroidery Hoop… how cool is that! They make amazing storage… you have to check them out! Bet you make more than one!!!

3. Jeans Tote Bag

Creating this fabulous Upcycled Jeans Tote Bag is a great project to celebrate Earth Day. Use it for your Farmer’s Market visit and so many other things. Such a stylish bag! Upcycling is always a good thing!

4. Denim Rose Necklace

Did you know you could make a beautiful Denim Rose Necklace? Well, you can with this quick and easy little tutorial.

5. DIY Jean Coaster

Everyone is always looking for a coaster… well you can make some very cool ones out of that old pair of jeans! Doesn’t matter what part of the jean it comes from… it just adds to the personality. You will see just how easy these are to create when you visit Scratch and Stitch! You will be making them by the dozens!

6. Star Bean Bag

Now more than ever we are looking for things to do with our kids… why not treat them to an old fashion game of bean bag! Come on over and Stephanie will show you how to make them and suggest some fun games too! ENJOY!

7. Jean Roses

Who doesn’t want a fabulous bouquet of Jean Roses that will last forever? What a great look and perfect for so many home decors!

8. Chevron Pillows

If you have some much-beloved jeans that you simply can not part with… save those memories and make one of these whimsical Chevron Pillows that you will treasure forever! What a great idea!

9. Denim Buckets

Daniela turns the jean cuff look into these amazing Denim Buckets that will hold things from Makeover to Craft Supplies to Markers to Pens to anything the Kids would like to put in them! They are great and stylish storage and they are basically free to make! ENJOY!

10. Jean Pockets

Leave it to Pillar Box Blue to come up with this incredibly awesome DIY where you use jean pockets! With a little bit of sewing and embellishing… those pockets turn into hanging storage!

11. Jean Planters

Think long and hard before purging your jeans because there are so many things you can create like these Denim Tin Can Planters…how much fun are these!

12. Lunch Bag

These cuties can also hold more than just lunch.

13. Quilted Pillows

Loving these DIY Quilted Pillows over at Pumpkin & a Princess! They are clean and crisp and would look amazing anywhere…

14. Denim Organizers

These Denim Organizers are wonderful! They would look great in an Office…Craft Room and so many other places. They are quick and easy to make and they come with a built-in pocket!

15. Woven Rag Rug

The girls over at A Beautiful Mess have a great detailed tutorial to make your own Woven Rag Rug…you can use Jean Material too…it looks great!

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