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12 DIY Tips To Upgrade Your Bathroom Feel Like A Home Spa

A bathroom is a place you have to use every day, so it should be relaxing. Try these simple DIY upgrades to make your bathroom feel like a home spa.

1. Install A New Showerhead

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There is no need to live with a builder-grade shower head that doesn’t provide enough water pressure. Changing out this piece of hardware is easy, and you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes.

2. Add Flowers Or Plants

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If you’re lucky enough to have natural light in the bathroom, hanging plants can thrive. But even fake plants or fresh flowers on a countertop can make a space feel fresh.

3. Frame Your Builder-grade Mirror

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If your mirror doesn’t have a frame, this DIY upgrade can make it feel more luxe for much less than purchasing a new mirror. Frames can be made out of molding from the hardware store, and there are many DIY tutorials to get the exact finish that matches your aesthetic.

4. Organize With A Tray

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Bathroom countertops can quickly feel cluttered. If you have items that you can’t seem to find a home for, consider a tray that makes the countertop feel more organized.

5. Invest In New Bathmats

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Bathmats are something we usually buy once and live with for many years, but a new mat can give the flooring an upgrade. The fun designs and color palates are visually pleasing, and features like memory foam make the space more comfortable.

6. Re-caulk The Shower And Tub

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Over the years, caulking cracks and yellows. Your tile and tub may be in good condition, but old caulking will make a space feel outdated and grungy.

7. Touch-up Grout

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When grout that was originally white becomes yellowed over time, or if the grout never matched well with the tile, to begin with, the entire bathroom feels outdated. Freshen up space with a bleach or grout staining pen.

8. Create Open Storage With A Ladder

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Ladders have become increasingly popular in the last few years as storage solutions. Consider hanging towels on a leaning ladder or ladder shelf. Styles range from modern black seen here to more organic wood tones and even bamboo.

9. Matching Sets

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A plastic soap bottle and cardboard tissue box can make even the most luxurious bathroom feel cluttered and cheap. With a matching set, these bathroom essentials become part of the aesthetic.

10. Put a Fresh Coat Of Paint On The Walls

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Depending on your design style, a bright and airy white wall or a pop of natural color can completely change the feeling of a room. Make sure to keep the colors light or natural to match a spa-like aesthetic.
Organize with clear jars: You can feel like you are in a hotel or spa with your everyday utensils in matching glass or acrylic jars.

11. Add A Shower Stool

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Sometimes you just want to sit down and relax in a steamy shower. If you don’t have a built-in seat, consider a shower stool. If there isn’t room in the shower, these aesthetic wooden stools also work well as extra storage for towels or a ledge for candles.

12. Use Essential Oils

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The smell of lavender can immediately transport you to a place of calm. With many different essential oil blends, you can diffuse scents or even place a few drops in the shower.
Put up the peel and stick wallpaper: An accent wall, especially in larger bathrooms, can be an amazing way to upgrade the space. With seemingly endless prints and patterns, peel and stick wallpaper is a great way to add personality to your bathroom.


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