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12 Creative Furniture Hacks That You’ll Wish You Tried Yourself

Instead of tossing old or broken furniture, you should repurpose them! Here’s a list of 12 creative and easy furniture hacks that will help you upgrade your home with a tight budget.

1. Gym Lockers

furniture hack 1

These old gym lockers were repurposed and turned into a living room storage system. The lockers were cut, power washed, and painted before being topped with some pallet wood.

2. Sewing Machine Table

furniture hack 2

This DIYer took an old sewing cabinet, attached a shelf unit, and covered the shelves with paper. This furniture hack can now be used as a dining room hutch or extra storage in a kitchen.

3. Old Cart

furniture hack 3

Some of the oldest and most hard-working pieces can be transformed into works of art. This old cart is now used as a flower planter.

4. Broken Table Legs

furniture hack 4

This woodworker took some broken table legs and attached them to a slice of maple and created a small stool. The stool would be a great addition to a kitchen pantry where you may need help with hard-to-reach items or as an extra side table in a den.

5. Broken Mirror Stand

furniture hack 5

This necklace organizer is made from an old mirror stand. The glass was removed and the stand was painted to match the bedroom walls.

6. Old Patio Furniture

furniture hack 6

This table is made from an old trunk. The DIYer attached legs to the underside of the trunk to raise it up to table height and it’s now used on a patio.

7. Clock

furniture hack 7

Even that old clock can have a new life. Try using some chalkboard paint to create a board for message reminders.

8. Basket Footstool

furniture hack 8

Don’t toss that old basket just because one piece has come undone. Instead, try using some fun fabric to turn it into a footstool with storage space for lap crafts or magazines.

9. Piano

furniture hack 9

Turn that out-of-tune piano into a one-of-a-kind headboard. After dissembling the piano, the designer used some plywood and screws to reinforce the joints. This furniture hack took approximately 30 hours.

10. Dining Chairs

furniture hack 10

Grab your favorite paint color and give those old farmhouse chairs a new purpose. These two broken dining chairs were transformed into pretty planters.

11. Train Table

furniture hack 11

This desk was once an old toy train table. It took some quality paint and a little work, but the desk now provides extra storage for books and puzzles and is a great addition to a child’s bedroom.

12. Antique Dresser

furniture hack 12

For this furniture hack, a little paint and some imagination turned an old dresser into a media console. The console has plenty of room for storage and has updated hardware for a new look.

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