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10 Practical Tips For Cleaning Super Small Spaces

Thanks to some ingenuity and creativity, some fellow homeowners have come up with clever cleaning solutions for super tight spaces. You can clean everywhere from the car vents to your computer keyboard, lampshade, and windowsill. Some ways might surprise you, and others might make you wonder why you never tried that before in the first place.

Check out these 10 simple tips and get started on cleaning!

1. Clean your car vents with a craft brush

The craft brush fits perfectly into the slots of your car vents. This is a great tip too because the dust will stick right to the foam edges and not spread around the car.

2. Sink with a toothbrush

Wiping down the sink faucet with a paper towel just isn’t enough. Use a toothbrush with your favorite cleaning solution to get inside every nook, cranny, and crevice nice and clean.

3. Clean your keyboard with a sticky note

Get rid of those pesky crumbs and lingering dust by folding a sticky note in half and using the sticky end to pick up the dirt. This trick is so simple and handy that you can do it often & prevent it from ever getting that dirty ever again.

4. Dust lampshades with the lint roller

It’s not like the surface of a lampshade is all that small, but it sure is tricky to clean. With both rounded and sharp edges alongside fabric that can’t be removed, it is not easy to remove all the dust that collects here. Now, a simple lint roller will do the trick.

5. Make cleaning slime for all your tricky spots

Need to dust your keyboard? Your dashboard? Cell phone? Light switches? Air vents? This awesome cleaning “slime” will fit just about anywhere while also disinfecting and lifting up any dirt, dust, and grime.

6. Tongs for cleaning the blinds

Getting in between the shades is tricky. A duster just sweeps the dust into the air while a paper towel seems to just spread it around. Microfiber will pick up dust instantly, though. And by using both sides of the tons you can get both the top and bottom of the blinds.

7. Use a toilet paper roll for cleaning the window sill

This is a tough spot that often just gets left dirty. Because even if you try and wipe all that dirt and dust-up with a paper towel, somehow a little bit stays right there in those cracks. Instead, attach a toilet paper roll to the end of your vacuum hose so you can bend it to fit right in each crack.

8. Detail your car

Okay, we admit it, this one looks a little obsessive. But, using a q-tip or small brush to clean all those tiny nooks and crannies in your car is actually really useful. Just imagine how much dust and dirt has fallen into those crevices over the years.

9. Use a vacuum to clean your mattress

The top of your mattress is pretty tricky to clean. You can’t wash the fabric, and it collects lots of dust, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. What you need to do is reach for the furniture attachment for your vacuum hose and suck up all those allergens so you can get a good (clean) night’s sleep.

10. Clean air vents with a butter knife

Be thorough in your cleaning by sticking a washcloth over a butter knife then sticking that in the slits of your air vent. The knife is just thin enough and the dust will cling right to the cloth.

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