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10 Inexpensive Tips for Getting Rid of Dust in Your Home

The build-up of dust can trigger diseases such as asthma and allergies to household dust mites. So what about we find out the best way to keep your house out of the dust? You will not have to worry about your health and your home with the dust-taking tips and household cleaning tricks we will give you. Here are 10 simple and cheap tips for getting rid of dust.

1. Keep your windows closed

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We all love to enjoy a cool breeze floating through our homes, but at what cost? Along with that breeze comes pollen and other particles from outside, and then you’re left wondering how to get rid of the dust. Simply keeping the windows shut in the first place will eliminate a lot of it.

2. Wash your pillows regularly

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Ready for a gross fact? Your pillows are probably crawling with dust mites because they love to feast on dead skin cells. They’re so small they’re invisible, but hundreds can live in just one gram of dust. To get rid of dust and dust mites, wash your pillows at least three times a year in hot water.

3. Mop hard floors often

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Obviously, floors get dusty, especially those harder-to-reach areas like baseboards and under furniture. If possible, mop your floors daily. Vacuum floors first (sweeping mostly just moves dust around rather than eliminating it), then mop with hot water.

4. Beat rugs

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Rug fibers are a breeding ground for dust. For small and medium-sized rugs, take them outdoors and give them a good shake. This will release most of the dirt and dust. To take it a step further, hang the rug over a railing and beat it with a broom or rug beater to get rid of even more dust.

5. Don’t neglect window coverings

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Most windows are not perfectly sealed, which is why blinds and curtains collect a lot of dust. Wash curtains regularly (check the label to see if they should be machine washed, steamed, or dry cleaned). For blinds, wipe with a microfibre cloth, which is the best material for trapping dust. Use it dry if your blinds are only slightly dusty; for thicker, stubborn dust, you might need to use a damp cloth.

6. Use a welcome mat

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A big part of controlling dust is preventing it from ever getting in the house. Use a welcome mat so that you can wipe off your feet before coming inside. (Just don’t forget to clean the mat every once in a while!) You can even install two mats, one outside and one directly in front of the door on the inside. That way, you have a double trap for that pesky dust.

7. Have a “no shoes” rule

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Even better than wiping off your shoes before you enter? Implementing a “no shoes” rule inside your house. Shoes track in dust, dirt, and bacteria. Get rid of the shoes and you also get rid of a lot of dust. It can be awkward to ask guests to take off their shoes, but if you keep a cute cabinet or rack of shoe shelves near the front door, hopefully, they’ll get the hint on their own.

8. Don’t forget the ceiling

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Have you looked up at your ceiling lately? It’s probably not on your radar, but the ceiling needs a good dusting every once in a while. You can grab a ladder and use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum. Or another method is to attach a microfibre cloth to your broom using a rubber band and get to work!

9. Don’t neglect to wipe the walls

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The walls in your home can become suitable areas for dust accumulation, especially if you have higher ceilings. Since they are not cleaned as much as the rest of your home, dust can easily accumulate on the walls. Wiping the walls with a damp mop or towel every few months will help reduce the collected dust.

10. Clean House Plants

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Houseplants are famous for collecting dust layers, but due to the negative effects of cleaning materials, you can not dust a plant like this. You can apply two simple tricks to remove plants from dust quickly and safely. You can remove the dust from the leaves of the plant by using the hairdryer in the cold setting, or you can take the plants whose leaves are not damaged by water contact to the balcony and wash them with a water hose with a shower head attachment. These processes remove dust and allow plants to breathe more easily.

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