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10+ Cost-Effective Makeover Ideas That You Can Easily Apply To Your Home

Even if you have a tight budget, you still can upgrade or improve your home. Go the simple route with some easy DIY ways to give your home a quick makeover without the hassles. Check out home makeover ideas cheaply here.

1. No-sew drapes

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Photo: Brooklyn Limestone

Grommets are the secret to crafting cute drapes without a lot of hassle, and you don’t need a sewing machine to make great window coverings.

2. Junk windchime

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Photo: Life By Hand

Clean out your drawers and find some rustic items to add to a junk windchime, that looks like you could have paid top dollar for at a shabby chic boutique!

3. Folding screen

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Photo: In My Own Style

Divide a room or use it as a backdrop for your bed. Folding screens have multiple uses, and using vintage doors makes them look charming and rustic.

4. Wooden crate table

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Photo: Dwell Beautiful

A wooden crate transforms into a cute and cozy side table. This is a great way to repurpose your old wooden crates.

5. Fabric mirror

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Photo: School of Decorating

Soften the look of a wooden mirror by covering the frame with the fabric of your choice for a designer look.

6. Shower curtain art

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Photo: House of Jade

A cool shower curtain becomes a focal piece in your living room when you convert it to artwork.

7. Photo frame shelves

makeover ideas 7
Photo: Shanty 2 Chic

Use wooden frames to make clever and cute shelves that can hold everything from books to knickknacks.

8. Tufted lamp

makeover ideas 8
Photo: The Pinto Pony

Skip the cost of a high-end lamp from a boutique and create your own ruffled, tufted lamp for an adorable shabby look. Enhance any end table or nightstand with this eye-catching lamp.

9. Painted rug

makeover ideas 9
Photo: Mountain Modern Life

Turn a plain rug into something a little more interesting with paint. You may not have thought of painting a rug, but the results are stunning and look professional!

10. Tufted headboard

makeover ideas 10
Photo: Classy Clutter

Change the look of your bedroom with a classy DIY that’s simple and looks great. Fabric headboards are a chic and stylish addition to your bed.

11. Hammock chair

makeover ideas 11
Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Create a cozy reading nook by installing this DIY hammock chair into any corner. Perfect for kids, this is a fun spot to spend time relaxing.

12. Granite countertop

makeover ideas 12
Photo: Craft Your Happiness

Turn an old countertop into a fresh, modern one using contact paper! Easy and simple, this DIY changes the look of your whole bathroom on a dime.

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